Demonic Bladefall Effect

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Demonic Bladefall EffectSkill Gem EffectYour Bladefall gains a demonic effect.Demonic Bladefall Effect inventory icon.pngSell Price
1x Scroll Fragment
Item class: Microtransactions
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/MicrotransactionSkillEffects/MicrotransactionGoreBladefallEffect

Demonic Bladefall Effect is an alternate skill effect for BladefallBladefallSpell, AoE, Physical, Duration
Radius: 12
Mana Cost: (12-23)
Cast Time: 0.70 sec
Critical Strike Chance: 6.00%
Effectiveness of Added Damage: 90%
Requires Level 28Ethereal weapons rain from the sky, dealing damage to enemies in a sequence of volleys, each wider but less damaging than the last. Enemies can be hit multiple times where these overlap.Per 1% Quality:1230.5% increased Area of Effect1% chance to Knock Enemies Back on hit2% increased distance between VolleysBase duration is 6 seconds
Deals (44-411) to (66-617) Physical Damage
6% less Damage per Volley
100% increased Critical Strike Chance
20% reduced Critical Strike Chance per Volley
5 Volleys
Leaves a Lingering Blade in the ground for every Volley
Maximum 40 Lingering Blades can be left in the ground at a time
Leaves 50% fewer Lingering Blades in the ground if you don't Cast this Spell yourself
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
Bladefall skill icon.png

It can be purchased in the shop for 90 points.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.


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