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Delve league

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Delve league
Challenge league
Delve league logo.png
Release version3.4.0
Release date2018-08-31
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Left untouched for over 250 years, the Azurite Mine has been consumed by a malevolent darkness that cast out the Eternal Empire. Niko, an inventor, has harnessed the power of Voltaxic Sulphite to create a machine called the Crawler that can pierce the darkness. Delve into the mine but don't leave the Crawler's light for long or you'll be crushed by the darkness.

Description on the official Path of Exile website

The Delve league and Hardcore Delve league are the upcoming challenge leagues.[1][2] They will launch on August 31, 2018.

The league adds an infinitely scaling dungeon called the Azurite Mine. When finding a deposit of Voltaxic Sulphite in a zone, Niko the Mad will open a Delve into the mines. A Crawler will lead you towards your destination and provide light to counteract the deadly darkness. Azurite can be found in a Delve, which can be used to upgrade your equipment and items to help in future Delves. Delves can contain special biomes and boss encounters, and you can find socketable currency items which influence the types of mods created on an item.

All characters and stashes will be moved to Standard league and Hardcore league respectively when the leagues end. Characters that die in the Hardcore Delve league are immediately moved to the permanent Standard league.

Challenges and rewards

The Delve leagues include 40 optional challenges. Completing them awards the following microtransactions:


These items are exclusive to the Delve leagues:

Unique items


Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.


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