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Curator Miem

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Curator Miem
Curator Miem
Location(s) Act 9:The Foothills>Disused Furnace
Skill(s) Firestorm that follows you

Curator Miem is the corrupted area boss for the Disused Furnace, Forgotten Gulch and Evacuated Quarter. He is an Undying Incinerator.


  • FirestormFirestormSpell, AoE, Duration, Fire
    Radius: 25 / 10
    Mana Cost: (9-25)
    Cast Time: 0.75 sec
    Critical Strike Chance: 6.00%
    Effectiveness of Added Damage: 45%
    Requires Level 12Flaming bolts rain down over the targeted area. They explode when landing, dealing damage to nearby enemies.Per 1% Quality:
    1% increased Damage
    Deals (7-200) to (11-300) Fire Damage
    Base duration is 2 seconds
    One impact every 0.1 seconds
    Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
    Firestorm skill icon.png
    that follows you