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Vaal side area

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A corrupted area is a randomly-generated side area indicated by a glowing, beating heart and swirling ribbons of blood. Every corrupted area contains a boss guarding a Vaal Vessel that is guaranteed to drop a Vaal Skill Gem or Vaal Fragment. Near the vessel there is a Vaal Letter, which provides Vaal-related lore. Hidden Vaal Pathways will guarantee a corrupted area be spawned in merciless.

Corrupted areas have modifiers, similar to end-game maps, which substantially increase their difficulty. Since corrupted items cannot be modified after corruption, the modifiers cannot be rerolled.

Due to the small area of each zone, league mechanics are generally disabled from spawning in corrupted zones during challenge leagues. Masters, more corrupted zones & Ascendancy Trials also cannot spawn in Corrupted Zones. Notable exceptions which CAN spawn in them include Silver Coins, Strongboxes, Shrines, Rogue Exiles & Torment Ghosts. Many of the Corrupted zone bosses were also formerly Invasion bosses

It is unknown if Essence monsters can spawn in Corrupted Zones.

Corrupted Areas

Name Locations found in Entrance Type Boss Name Boss Abilities
Abandoned Dam The Dried Lake Wall Quetzerxi
(Dust Scrabbler)
Lightning cloud, 5-7 projectile stream of lightning in a nova
Ancient Catacomb The Dried Lake Floor Commander of Flesh Spawns zombies, Blood Rage, Wild Strike
Arcane Chambers The Lunaris Temple Level 1, The Lunaris Temple Level 2 Wall Beheader Ataguchu
(based off Q'ura from Apex of Sacrifice)
Corrupting Blood, Cyclone, Cleave
Blind Alley The Warehouse District Wall M'gaska, the Living Pyre
Casts Flameblast, Spawns Summon Raging Spirit Totems
Clouded Ridge The Ledge Spans ledge Konu, Maker of Wind
Quick, Fast Attacks, Leap Slam with Fire Explosion, Life Leech, Resist Elemental Damage, Resists Chaos
Concealed Caldarium The Bath House Wall Cava, Artist of Pain
(Whipping Miscreation)
Lightning Storm, 360° Lightning Strike, Vulnerability on Hit
Concealed Cavity The Coast, The Submerged Passage Floor (from The Coast),
Wall (from The Submerged Passage)
All-Seeing Eye
Charge up laser, Casts Arc, Casts Spark, Casts Conductivity
Covered-up Hollow The Den, The Fellshrine Ruins, The Caverns Floor Cintiq, the Inescapable
Faster Attacks, Flicker Strike, Ethereal Knives
Cremated Archives The Torched Courts Wall Exartze, the Woven Stone
Deathly Chambers The Ossuary Wall Harbinger of Disorder
(Prayer Guard)
Spark, burning ground
Disused Furnace The Crematorium Wall Curator Miem
(Undying Incinerator)
Firestorm that follows you
Desolate Track The Ascent, The Descent Wall Quetzerxi
(Dust Scrabbler)
Lightning cloud, 5-7 projectile stream of lightning in a nova
Entombed Alcove The Crypt Level 1, The Crypt Level 2 Sarcophagus marked by blood Shrapnelbearer
(Vaal Construct)
Far Shot, Chaos Ice Nova (Applies Chaos Degen)
Entombed Chamber The Catacombs Sarcophagus marked by blood Ossecati, Boneshaper
(Colossal Bonestalker)
Infernal Blow, Summon Vaal Skeletons
Forbidden Archives The Templar Courts Wall Exartze, the Woven Stone
Forbidden Chamber The Vaal Ruins, The Ancient Pyramid Wall Haviri, Vaal Metalsmith
(Vaal Fallen)
3 Totems (either Ethereal Knives, Flame Totem, Firestorm, Freezing Pulse, Shock Nova, Storm Call)
Forgotten Conduit The Aqueduct Sewer Opening Torrent of Fear
Summons Elementals, Multiple Projectiles, Resists Elemental Damage, Resists Chaos
Forgotten Oubliette The Lower Prison, The Upper Prison Floor Coniraya, Shadow of Malice
(Spectral Bowman)
Rain of Arrows that shocks ground on landing
Haunted Mineshaft The Mines Level 1, The Mines Level 2, The Crystal Veins Floor Calxipher
(Voll's Fallen)
Flame Totem, Magma Orb with Chain, Flame Dash
Hidden Patch The Old Fields, The Crossroads Wall Thornrunner
(Spine Serpent)
Proximity Shield, Lesser Multiple Projectiles, Puncture, Spike Firestorm
Inner Grounds The Imperial Gardens Wall Inti of the Blood Moon
(Avian Retch)
Soul Eater, Quick, Spawns miniature Avian Retches
Mystical Clearing The Riverways Wall Simi, the Nature Touched
Allies do Additional Lightning/Fire/Cold Damage, Soul Eater, Summons spectre Apes
Narrow Ravine The Western Forest, The Wetlands Wall Kamaq, Soilmaker
Lightning Balls, Faster Attacks, Far Shot, Resists Elemental Damage, Resists Chaos
Neglected Cellar The Warehouse District, The Marketplace, The Battlefront, The Hedge Maze Floor Rima, Deep Temptress
(Siren's Daughter)
Throws multiple Freezing Pulse and Ice Nova traps, Ice Storm, Slows Enemies
Quarantined Quarters The Slums Wall The Sunburst Queen
(Carrion Queen)
Extra Projectiles, 360° Fireball, Single Massive Fireball shot, Added Fire Damage, Resists Elemental Damage, Resists Chaos
Reclaimed Barracks The Control Blocks Wall Huitepa the Blind


Sunder, Lightning ball 360º Totem, Resists Elemental damage and Chaos damage
Remote Gulch Prisoner's Gate, The Climb, The Coast, The Ship Graveyard Wall Sheaq, Maker of Floods
(Goatman Shaman)
Casts Fireball with Greater Multiple Projectiles and Fork), Casts Spark
Restricted Gallery The Library, The Archives Floor (Sceptre of God Stairs) Ch'aska, Maker of Rain
(based off A'alai from Apex of Sacrifice)
Rain of Arrows, Pierce
Sacred Chambers The Solaris Temple Level 1, The Solaris Temple Level 2 Wall (stairs) Shadow of Vengeance
(Unique Animated Guardian)
Animate Weapon type minions, Spectral Throw
Sealed Basement Oriath Square, The Ruined Square, The Ravaged Square, The Canals, The Feeding Trough Wall Guraq, Daylight's Blade

(Heretical Ward)

Lesser Multiple Projectiles Spectral Throw, Totem(?)
Sealed Corridors The Sceptre of God, The Upper Sceptre of God Wall Wiraq, the Impaler
(based off Y'ara'az from Apex of Sacrifice)
Dual Strike, Extra fire damage, Berserker
Secluded Canal Oriath Square, The Ruined Square, The Ravaged Square, The Canals, The Feeding Trough Wall Xuatl, Cutting Wind
Ice Spear, Split Arrow, Barrage
Secluded Copse The Northern Forest, The Weaver's Chambers, The Dread Thicket Wall Kutec, Vaal Fleshsmith
(Vaal Fallen)
Casts Desecrate, Flesh Offering, Raise Zombie, Detonate Dead and Punishment
Secret Laboratory The Chamber of Sins Level 2 Wall Atziri's Pride
Casts Arctic Armour, Unrighteous Fire, Lightning Warp
Side Chapel The Cathedral Rooftop Wall Daluatti, Stoneraiser Cleave, Flicker Strike, Spawns stationary Blade Vortex,spawns patches of spiking ground that inflicts Corrupted Blood
Stagnant Canal The Docks Coast (little dock) Wiraqucha, Ancient Guardian
Smoke Mine and summons many Spectres of himself
Strange Sinkhole The Cavern of Anger, The Coast, The Flooded Depths, The Mud Flats Floor Mother of the Hive
Has "Allies Cannot Die", spawns lots of Spitters
Sunken Shingle The Mud Flats, The Ship Graveyard Coast (little dock) Perquil the Lucky
Lightning Spectral Throw, Longer duration Storm Call markers.
Twisted Inquisitorium The Chamber of Innocence, The Desecrated Chambers Wall Anacuacotli, Death's Worship
(Blessed Sister)
Summon Raging Spirits, dark Fireball nova
Walled-off Ducts The Slums Sewers, The Warehouse Sewers, The Market Sewers Wall Cava, Artist of Pain
(Whipping Miscreation)
Lightning Storm, 360° Lightning Strike, Vulnerability on Hit
Restricted Collection The Reliquary Floor Iorphia, Dream Eater
Essence Drain, Essence Drain Nova

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