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Elemental Conflux
Elemental Conflux status icon.png
Chilling Conflux
Chilling Conflux status icon.png
Shocking Conflux
Shocking Conflux status icon.png
Igniting Conflux
Igniting Conflux status icon.png

Conflux is a type of buff that causes hits from all combined damage types to apply chill, shock, and/or ignite, overriding the usual rule that only cold damage can chill, lightning damage can shock and fire damage can ignite.


Conflux will apply chill, shock, and/or ignite based on the total damage of all combined damage types on hit.

For example, when the player with Igniting Conflux deals a hit with the following damage types:

  • 200 Physical
  • 50 Fire
  • 100 Cold
  • 150 Chaos

that hit will apply ignite with damage based on a 500 damage initial hit.


  • Chilling Conflux: causes all damage types to apply chill.
  • Shocking Conflux: causes all damage types to apply shock.
  • Igniting Conflux: causes all damage types to apply ignite.
  • Elemental Conflux: combines all three Conflux effects into one and applies ignite, chill, and shock on hit. Note that freeze is not applied by Elemental Conflux.


These passive skills grant Conflux:

Elementalist avatar.png
Shaper of Desolation
ElementalEnlightenment (Elementalist) passive skill icon.png
Every 14 seconds:
Gain Chilling Conflux for 4 seconds
Gain Shocking Conflux for 4 seconds
Gain Igniting Conflux for 4 seconds
Gain Chilling, Shocking and Igniting Conflux for 2 seconds [1]

Version history

Version Changes
  • Shaper of Desolation now grants different Confluxes over a fourteen-second cycle: Chilling Conflux for four seconds, Shocking Conflux for four seconds, Igniting Conflux for four seconds and then all three together for two seconds. Each Conflux means that any damage causes that Status Ailment.
  • Added a new Keyword - Elemental Conflux