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Claws of the Magpie

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Claws of the Magpie
Notable Passive Skill
Claws of the Magpie passive icon.png
  • 20% increased Physical Damage with Claws
  • 15% increased Attack Speed with Claws
  • 25% chance to Steal Power, Frenzy, and Endurance Charges on Hit with Claws

Claws of the Magpie is a notable passive skill that grants increased physical damage and attack speed with claws. It also grants additional chance to steal charges when hitting an enemy with claws.

This bonus stacks with the modifier from SurgebindersSurgebinders
Dragonscale Gauntlets
Quality: +20%
Armour: (254 to 278)
Evasion: (254 to 278)
Requires Level 67, 51 Str, 51 Dex(90-110)% increased Armour and Evasion
(4-7)% increased Spell Damage per Power Charge
(4-7)% increased Physical Damage per Endurance Charge
(4-7)% increased Elemental Damage per Frenzy Charge
10% chance to Steal Power, Frenzy, and Endurance Charges on Hit
Your lies are our strength.
Your threats are our laughter.
Your hate is our infinity
The fire rises!

Version history

Version Changes
  • The large claw wheel has been generally improved and now offers more Critical Strike support.
  • Eagle Talons renamed to Claws of the Magpie.
  • The area surrounding the Witch, Shadow and Ranger has been redesigned. Many values have been adjusted.
  • Some special stats have been added to a few select notables.
  • General and weapon-specific physical damage bonuses have been increased throughout the tree.