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Bastion of Hope

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Bastion of Hope
Ascendancy notable Passive Skill
Bastion of Hope passive icon.png
  • 5% additional Block Chance
  • You and nearby Allies cannot be Stunned if you've Blocked Recently
  • 50% additional Block Chance for 1 second every 5 seconds

Bastion of Hope is a notable Ascendancy passive skill for the Guardian that grants additional block chance and stun immunity to the player and nearby allies in a radius of 60 (this radius is unaffected by bonuses to the radius of skills) if the player has blocked in the past four seconds. It also grants a large amount of block chance for one second every five seconds.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Added 50% additional Block Chance for 1 second every 5 seconds.
  • The Guardian skill Bastion of Hope now has a radius of 60 (increased from 40). This radius is no longer affected by bonuses to the radius of skills.
  • Added to the game.