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Atlas of Worlds

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A nearly completed Atlas of Worlds.

The Atlas of Worlds is Path of Exile's end-game map system. The Atlas is a series of linked maps that players can progress through after completing a quest for Zana, Master Cartographer.


The Atlas of Worlds is a visualization of the dream worlds that are opened by activating maps, how these worlds are linked and the way they progress towards the centre. The Atlas is separated into four quadrants which can be entered initially through one of four tier 1 maps, one in each corner of the Atlas. These tier 1 maps start dropping in Act 8. When the player progresses through the maps, their tiers - and difficulty - will increase.

The Atlas also displays areas influenced by the Shaper and the Elder, which have a chance to drop Shaper or Elder items which can roll affixes not found normally. When the Elder zone grows large enough, 5 maps in the Elder-influenced area will contain the Elder and his Elder Guardians, replacing the bosses in those maps.

Atlas of Worlds screenshot.jpg

Map drops are not completely random; instead a specific tier is chosen first and the map type is chosen from pool of maps completed for that tier or connected to the map the character is currently in. [1]

Atlas Completion Bonus

Each completed map base type gives a 1% chance to upgrade the tier of a map, with values over 100% giving a chance to increase the tier a second time. The maximum map tier however can not bypass drop restrictions, even if it would have been upgraded[2].

For example, a rare monster in a tier 6 map with 125% completion bonus:

  • a rare monster can drop tier +1 maps, as such it can drop tier 1 to 7 maps
  • it will only drop maps that are adjacent or already unlocked on the atlas
  • a tier 5 drop would be upgraded to tier 6, with a 25% chance to be upgraded to tier 7
  • a tier 6 drop would be upgraded to tier 7, but can't be upgraded any further
  • a tier 7 drop is already the highest possible drop, and can't be upgraded any further

Untainted ParadiseUntainted Paradise
Tropical Island Map
Map Level: 72
Map Tier: 5
(300-400)% increased Experience gain
Area has increased monster variety
Area is inhabited by wild Animals
Monsters drop no items
For this beauty,
beauty without strength,
chokes out life.
Travel to this Map by using it in the Templar Laboratory or a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
and The Beachhead do not count towards Atlas completion.

Atlas Mission

Each time you complete a map, there is a chance to receive an Atlas Mission for a random master. You can use Atlas Missions to guarantee a master to spawn in your next non-unique map. Your Atlas Mission counters are tracked for each set of map tier colours: white, yellow, and red; which one you receive is the same as the tier colour of the map you received it in. Your accumulated number of Atlas Missions can be seen in the Atlas layout screen. There is no limit to how many Atlas Missions you can store. You can redeem an Atlas mission by speaking to a master then running the map from that screen.

Once per day, when you log in, you will receive one Atlas missions for each master for the tier relative to the last map you've completed. Free Atlas missions refresh at midnight UTC.

Influenced areas

Shaper-influenced maps have a cosmic background, while Elder-influenced maps have a grey tentacle background.

Initially, A random map on the Atlas will be Shaper influenced as part of the Epilogue quest, starting from Tier 1. Completing one will move the area to another map one tier higher up until Tier 6, where Shaper and Elder influenced areas will start spawning normally.

Shaper influenced areas can contain additional enemies or hazards or enhances the map boss by the Shaper, making them more difficult. These areas have a chance to drop a rare Shaper item with at least one Shaper affix. Once a Shaper-influenced map is cleared, it will disappear. New influenced areas have a chance to appear when you complete a map on your atlas (i.e. killing the boss) or when you clear Shaper or Elder-influenced areas (by killing the boss or >60% of the monsters in the map). This can cause old areas to become uninfluenced. New areas are much more likely to spawn on or adjacent to Elder-influenced maps, but can only replace Elder-influenced if a map adjacent to it was previously Shaper-influenced.

Elder-influenced areas, like Shaper-influenced areas, can contain additional enemies or hazards. these areas can drop rare Elder items with at least one Elder affix. The Elder-influenced area has a chance to expand to non-influenced areas when you complete a map, but will not grow if a Shaper-influenced area is in the way. Clearing Shaper-influenced areas next to an Elder-influenced area will cause that map to become Elder-influenced. Unlike Shaper-influenced areas, Elder-influenced areas must be connected together. Clearing an Elder-influenced area that severs a connection between parts will cause you to lose influence on all but the largest connected section. Connections can also be severed when Shaper-influence replaces Elder-influence (see above).

When the area of influence grows large enough which is around 15 maps above, 5 random maps in the area will have the Elder or an Elder Guardian replace the map's boss.[citation needed] You must defeat all four Elder Guardians before you can fight the Elder. These areas will not change until the corresponding map is cleared. After clearing 20 maps while the Elder is residing in the Atlas, there is a chance for the Elder and his guardians to leave the map they are influencing.

Elder-influenced areas can only have 30 on the Atlas at most.[citation needed]

Elder-influenced areas can also contain a Memory Fragment, which can be traded in to Zana for a Shaper's Orb. One of ten Memory Fragments can be found in each of Tier 6 to 15 Elder-influenced maps, and the remaining five Memory Fragments can be obtained by defeating each of the four Elder Guardians and the Elder when the Elder is located in a red tier map (the Elder Guardians need not necessarily be in a red tier map themselves).

Shaper's Stronghold

After finding your first Memory Fragment, Shaper's Strongholds will begin spawning on the Atlas. A map that contains a Shaper's Stronghold will be permanently Shaper-influenced until cleared and blocks off Elder-influence. They contain multiple Shaper-influenced zone mods and give additional items when cleared, such as Sextants, Orbs of Horizons, Cartographer's Chisels, Shaper rares, and unique items, which also can be league-specific. Clearing a Shaper's Stronghold will not spread Elder-influence to it.

Four Shaper's Strongholds will initially be spawned on the Atlas on yellow-tier maps. Clearing one of them will relocate it to another red-tier map. After all 8 Strongholds are cleared, they will have a chance to spawn periodically.

Strongholds are removed when the Uber Elder is defeated along with all other influence.


  • Shaper's Orbs are awarded for completing an Elder-influenced map that contains a Memory Fragment. They can be used to upgrade a map into a "Shaped" map to drop which are 5 tiers higher than their regular counterpart[1]
  • Cartographer's Sextants allow applying a special modifier to map, which applies its stats in a radius to other nearby maps. Those stats can be stacked, but a mod is used up after 3 uses [1]
  • Unshaping OrbUnshaping OrbStack Size: 10Downgrades a map on the AtlasRight click this item then left click a shaped map on the atlas to downgrade it. You can then earn the Shaper's Orb again to reshape another map afterwards.
    Shift click to unstack.
    s can be used to unshape a map.
  • Cartographer's Seals "uncomplete" a map.

Shaping maps

Shaper's Orbs are used to upgrade lower tier maps whose layout or bosses a player may find accessible but whose drops and experience gains wouldn't otherwise be attractive. A Shaper's Orb grants +5 to the tier of those maps, i.e. increases the difficulty. The result is a shaped map.

Players acquire Shaper's Orbs by collecting Memory Fragments and giving them to Zana. Memory Fragments are found by killing the bosses of Elder-influenced maps circled in blue on the Atlas.

One Elder's OrbElder's OrbUpgrades any map on the Atlas to Tier 16Right click this item then left click on a map on the Atlas to upgrade it to tier 16. can be obtained from the Epilogue quest after collecting all 15 Memory Fragments and defeating the Shaper. It upgrades a map of any tier into a tier 16 map.

End of league transfer

When the current league ends the progress on the Atlas of Worlds is transferred to the relevant parent league. The parent league is generally Standard or Hardcore.

The merge has the following rules:[3]

  • Maps or bonus objectives completed transferred to the parent league
  • Cartographer's Sextant mods:
    • They will be moved to the parent league; if the map already has a mod, the parent league mods will be kept
    • Legacy modifiers continue to exist and work as long they have not been overridden
  • Shaped maps will carry over if the equivalent level Shaper's Orb hasn't been used on parent league; if you already shaped a map of the tier the parent league takes preference
  • Shaper's Orbs:
    • If a specific level has already been used in the parent league, it will be removed from the character's inventory
    • If you have the same in both parent league and temporary league, both Shaper's Orbs will be removed when you use either

Atlas exclusive base items

This is a list of base item types that can only drop on particular maps on the Atlas of Worlds.

ItemLvl.StatsDrop Areas
Fingerless Silk GlovesFingerless Silk GlovesEnergy Shield: 43Requires Level 70, 95 Int(12-16)% increased Spell Damage70(12-16)% increased Spell DamageAlleyways MapArcade MapBasilica MapCage MapCastle Ruins MapChannel MapChateau MapPit of the Chimera MapCity Square MapCourtyard MapCrystal Ore MapCursed Crypt MapDesert MapExcavation MapFlooded Mine MapGardens MapGrotto MapHaunted Mansion MapLava Chamber MapLighthouse MapMud Geyser MapMuseum MapPier MapPlaza MapPrimordial Pool MapRacecourse MapRamparts MapRelic Chambers MapResidence MapFungal Hollow MapSulphur Vents MapSummit MapThicket MapToxic Sewer MapWasteland Map
Gripped GlovesGripped GlovesEvasion: 220Requires Level 70, 95 Dex(14-18)% increased Projectile Attack Damage70(14-18)% increased Projectile Attack DamageAcid Caverns MapAncient City MapArcade MapArena MapAshen Wood MapBeach MapBone Crypt MapBurial Chambers MapCage MapCanyon MapCastle Ruins MapPit of the Chimera MapColonnade MapColosseum MapConservatory MapCourthouse MapCourtyard MapDesert Spring MapDunes MapDungeon MapGhetto MapGlacier MapGrotto MapLair of the Hydra MapLair MapLava Lake MapLeyline MapLighthouse MapMalformation MapMarshes MapMausoleum MapMaze MapMineral Pools MapMoon Temple MapNecropolis MapOrchard MapOvergrown Ruin MapPalace MapPen MapPhantasmagoria MapRacecourse MapReef MapScriptorium MapSepulchre MapShore MapSpider Forest MapFungal Hollow MapSunken City MapPrimordial Blocks MapTropical Island MapUnderground River MapUnderground Sea MapVaal Pyramid MapVaal Temple MapVault MapWaste Pool Map
Spiked GlovesSpiked GlovesArmour: 220Requires Level 70, 95 Str(16-20)% increased Melee Damage70(16-20)% increased Melee DamageAcademy MapAncient City MapArachnid Tomb MapArid Lake MapBarrows MapBasilica MapBeach MapCursed Crypt MapDefiled Cathedral MapDesert Spring MapDig MapDungeon MapExcavation MapFlooded Mine MapGhetto MapGlacier MapGraveyard MapLair of the Hydra MapInfested Valley MapLeyline MapMausoleum MapMesa MapMud Geyser MapMuseum MapPark MapPen MapPlateau MapPort MapRacecourse MapRelic Chambers MapSepulchre MapSpider Lair MapSulphur Vents MapTemple MapTerrace MapCrater MapTropical Island MapUnderground River MapVault MapWharf Map
Two-Toned BootsTwo-Toned BootsArmour: 126
Evasion: 126
Requires Level 70, 62 Str, 62 Dex+(8-12)% to Fire and Cold Resistances
70+(8-12)% to Fire and Cold ResistancesAlleyways MapArid Lake MapArmoury MapBasilica MapCarcass MapChannel MapCity Square MapCoral Ruins MapDesert MapFlooded Mine MapGeode MapGraveyard MapGrotto MapIvory Temple MapJungle Valley MapLair MapMarshes MapMaze MapPen MapPeninsula MapForge of the Phoenix MapPlateau MapRamparts MapResidence MapSiege MapSpider Lair MapFungal Hollow MapStrand MapSummit MapSunken City MapTemple MapUnderground Sea MapWaterways MapWharf Map
Two-Toned BootsTwo-Toned BootsEvasion: 126
Energy Shield: 24
Requires Level 70, 62 Dex, 62 Int+(8-12)% to Cold and Lightning Resistances
70+(8-12)% to Cold and Lightning ResistancesAcademy MapArachnid Nest MapArachnid Tomb MapArsenal MapAtoll MapBarrows MapBeach MapBog MapBurial Chambers MapCastle Ruins MapCells MapColosseum MapConservatory MapCore MapCourtyard MapDesert Spring MapFields MapGardens MapGeode MapGlacier MapIceberg MapJungle Valley MapLaboratory MapLava Chamber MapLava Lake MapLookout MapMaze MapMesa MapMaze of the Minotaur MapOrchard MapOvergrown Shrine MapPark MapPeninsula MapForge of the Phoenix MapPit MapPrecinct MapPrimordial Pool MapPromenade MapReef MapResidence MapShipyard MapShore MapSpider Forest MapSpider Lair MapSulphur Vents MapSunken City MapThicket MapUnderground Sea MapVaal Pyramid MapVaal Temple MapVilla MapWaterways Map
Two-Toned BootsTwo-Toned BootsArmour: 126
Energy Shield: 24
Requires Level 70, 62 Str, 62 Int+(8-12)% to Fire and Lightning Resistances
70+(8-12)% to Fire and Lightning ResistancesArena MapArid Lake MapArmoury MapArsenal MapAshen Wood MapBarrows MapBelfry MapCaldera MapCemetery MapChannel MapCity Square MapCrimson Temple MapDefiled Cathedral MapDesert MapDunes MapEstuary MapFactory MapGeode MapGhetto MapHaunted Mansion MapIceberg MapIvory Temple MapJungle Valley MapLighthouse MapLookout MapMaze of the Minotaur MapMuseum MapPalace MapPeninsula MapPhantasmagoria MapPier MapPrimordial Pool MapRamparts MapRelic Chambers MapScriptorium MapStrand MapCrater MapWaste Pool Map
Convoking WandConvoking WandWand
Physical Damage: 2546
Critical Strike Chance: 7.00%
Attacks per Second: 1.40
Weapon Range: 120
Requires Level 72, 242 IntCan roll Minion Modifiers
72Can roll Minion ModifiersArachnid Nest MapBazaar MapCourthouse MapCoves MapLair of the Hydra MapIceberg MapInfested Valley MapPromenade MapShrine MapTerrace MapPrimordial Blocks MapWaterways Map
Bone HelmetBone HelmetArmour: 197
Energy Shield: 38
Requires Level 73, 76 Str, 76 IntMinions deal (15-20)% increased Damage
73Minions deal (15-20)% increased DamageAcademy MapAcid Caverns MapBazaar MapBelfry MapBone Crypt MapCaldera MapCemetery MapColosseum MapConservatory MapCoral Ruins MapCoves MapCrystal Ore MapDark Forest MapDig MapDunes MapFactory MapFields MapGardens MapGraveyard MapLair of the Hydra MapLaboratory MapLair MapLava Lake MapMineral Pools MapMaze of the Minotaur MapMoon Temple MapMud Geyser MapNecropolis MapOvergrown Ruin MapOvergrown Shrine MapPalace MapPlaza MapPrecinct MapReef MapSepulchre MapShipyard MapSiege MapSummit MapTower MapToxic Sewer MapUnderground River MapVilla MapVolcano MapWasteland Map
Marble AmuletMarble AmuletRequires Level 74Regenerate (1.2-1.6)% of Life per second74Regenerate (1.2-1.6)% of Life per secondBasilica MapColonnade MapColosseum MapDefiled Cathedral MapDesert Spring MapDig MapLair of the Hydra MapInfested Valley MapMuseum MapPalace MapPark MapReef MapTerrace MapVaal Temple Map
Blue Pearl AmuletBlue Pearl AmuletRequires Level 77(48-56)% increased Mana Regeneration Rate77(48-56)% increased Mana Regeneration RateArena MapBelfry MapCaldera MapCore MapCrimson Temple MapDefiled Cathedral MapDesert Spring MapGardens MapIvory Temple MapMaze of the Minotaur MapOrchard MapPalace MapPark MapSunken City MapVaal Temple Map
Vanguard BeltVanguard BeltRequires Level 78+(260-320) to Armour and Evasion Rating78+(260-320) to Armour and Evasion RatingAcid Caverns MapArsenal MapBazaar MapBone Crypt MapCarcass MapCells MapChateau MapPit of the Chimera MapColonnade MapCoral Ruins MapCore MapCoves MapDark Forest MapLaboratory MapMesa MapMoon Temple MapOvergrown Ruin MapOvergrown Shrine MapPhantasmagoria MapPlaza MapPrecinct MapScriptorium MapShore MapShrine MapSpider Forest MapTerrace MapTower MapTropical Island MapVaal Pyramid Map
Crystal BeltCrystal BeltRequires Level 79+(60-80) to maximum Energy Shield79+(60-80) to maximum Energy ShieldArachnid Tomb MapArena MapAtoll MapBelfry MapCaldera MapCanyon MapCarcass MapCells MapCemetery MapChateau MapCore MapCrimson Temple MapCrystal Ore MapEstuary MapInfested Valley MapLava Chamber MapMalformation MapNecropolis MapForge of the Phoenix MapPier MapPlateau MapPort MapShipyard MapShrine MapPrimordial Blocks MapTower MapToxic Sewer MapVault MapVilla MapVolcano MapWaste Pool MapWharf Map
Cerulean RingCerulean RingRequires Level 80(8-10)% increased maximum Mana80(8-10)% increased maximum ManaCourthouse MapCoves MapLair of the Hydra MapInfested Valley MapShrine MapTerrace MapPrimordial Blocks Map
Opal RingOpal RingRequires Level 80(15-25)% increased Elemental Damage80(15-25)% increased Elemental DamageAcid Caverns MapBasilica MapCanyon MapPit of the Chimera MapCourthouse MapCrystal Ore MapGardens MapLava Lake MapMalformation MapMuseum MapPlaza MapRacecourse MapSummit MapSunken City MapPrimordial Blocks MapVaal Temple MapWasteland Map
Steel RingSteel RingRequires Level 80Adds (3-4) to (10-14) Physical Damage to Attacks80Adds (3-4) to (10-14) Physical Damage to AttacksBasilica MapBog MapCarcass MapColosseum MapLair MapLava Lake MapOrchard MapForge of the Phoenix MapPrecinct MapReef MapShipyard MapSiege MapSummit MapSunken City MapVaal Pyramid Map
Vermillion RingVermillion RingRequires Level 80(5-7)% increased maximum Life80(5-7)% increased maximum LifeBelfry MapCemetery MapColosseum MapMaze of the Minotaur MapSiege MapTower MapWasteland Map


Version history

Version Changes
  • The Atlas of Worlds has been shuffled. Most maps have changed tier and location within the Atlas.
    • From this point on, the Atlas layout will be changed at the start of every new league.
  • Added a new Atlas of Worlds feature: Shaper's Strongholds. These will appear once you have met the Shaper. They have multiple Shaper Influence mods active. Bosses of these maps can drop extra sextants, cartographer's chisels, Shaper-influenced items, and unique items.
  • Once you have completed 20 maps while the Elder and its guardians are on your atlas without actually defeating any of them, there is a chance for the Elder and its guardians to disappear and remove the Elder-influence from the maps they were on. This will make it difficult to maintain an "Elder Ring", but will also allow players who weren't capable of defeating the Elder or its guardians to clear them from their atlas.
  • Shaper memory fragments XI through to XV no longer require you to defeat the Elder or its guardians in specific map tiers. Instead, defeating each guardian and the elder within ANY red-tier map will get you one of these fragments.
  • You can no longer get Shaper memory fragments XI through to XV from a map if you are not the map's owner.
  • Introducing the War for the Atlas expansion.
  • If you complete a map that was created before the expansion, it will complete a chain of maps from the start pointing on the Atlas up until the tier of map you completed. Shaped and Elder items do not drop on these maps. Elder Guardians also cannot spawn from them. Shaper and Elder areas will not be influenced on the Atlas.
  • Introduced to the game. Non-unique maps pre-Atlas of Worlds do not count towards Atlas completion, even for maps where the map type and tier are identical to the current version. Older versions of unique maps will count towards Atlas completion, including the bonus objective, but the Shaper's Orb does not drop in old versions (affecting Oba's Cursed TroveOba's Cursed Trove
    Primordial Blocks Map
    Map Level: 78
    Map Tier: 11
    Guild Character: #
    Item Quantity: +40%
    Area has patches of desecrated ground
    20 patches with Ground Effect per 100 tiles (Hidden)
    Ground Effect has a radius of 10 (Hidden)
    (40-50)% more Monster Life
    (30-40)% increased Monster Damage
    Area becomes fatal after some time
    "Here the soil is more deadly than any swing of the axe."
    - Oba of the Karui, Conqueror of Corruption.
    Travel to this Map by using it in the Templar Laboratory or a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
    , Poorjoy's AsylumPoorjoy's Asylum
    Temple Map
    Map Level: 76
    Map Tier: 9
    Guild Character: ß
    Item Quantity: +100%
    Item Rarity: +250%
    150% increased Experience gain
    (140-160)% more Monster Life
    (140-160)% increased Monster Damage
    25% increased Monster Movement Speed
    25% increased Monster Attack Speed
    25% increased Monster Cast Speed
    Area is a large Maze
    Unique Boss drops (10-15) additional Rare (Life Flasks-Boots)
    Laughs of all the twisted
    Echo through these halls of gold.
    In this cold forgotten void
    They wander, forever uncontrolled.
    Travel to this Map by using it in the Templar Laboratory or a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
    , Death and TaxesDeath and Taxes
    Necropolis Map
    Map Level: 79
    Map Tier: 12
    Guild Character: ¿
    Item Quantity: +150%
    Unique Boss deals (30-35)% increased Damage
    Unique Boss has (25-30)% increased Attack and Cast Speed
    Unique Boss gives 10000% increased Experience
    So the raiders danced,
    leading their foe ever west,
    towards certain death.
    Travel to this Map by using it in the Templar Laboratory or a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
    and The Vinktar SquareThe Vinktar Square
    Courtyard Map
    Map Level: 77
    Map Tier: 10
    Guild Character: ²
    Item Quantity: (+100%-+150%)
    Item Rarity: (+100%-+150%)
    Monster Pack Size: (+30%-+50%)
    20% more Monster Life
    Monsters cannot be Shocked
    30% increased Monster Damage
    +35% Monster Lightning Resistance
    Monsters deal 35% extra Damage as Lightning
    To the east,
    it cannot be seen.
    To the west,
    it cannot be touched.
    To the south,
    it cannot be remembered.
    And to the north,
    it cannot be contained.
    Travel to this Map by using it in the Templar Laboratory or a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.


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