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Atlas objectives

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Atlas objectives

Atlas objectives are markers on the Atlas of Worlds that show that a specific master is in that map and available with a mission.[1] These repopulate every day at midnight UTC.

Atlas objectives also have a chance to be generated when a map is completed 20% of the time.[2] If an Atlas objective is added for a specific master and there is still an incomplete mission for that master on the Atlas, then the existing one is moved to the new location.

The map tier that Atlas objectives spawn at is loosely based on the last opened map in that league.

Icon Master
Alva atlas objective.png Alva
Einhar atlas objective.png Einhar
Helena atlas objective.png Helena
Jun atlas objective.png Jun
Niko atlas objective.png Niko
Zana atlas objective.png Zana

Version history

Version Changes
  • Jun's Atlas Objectives will now begin appearing on the Atlas.
  • Atlas Objectives now have a 20% chance to appear (from 16.6%).
  • Introduced to the game


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