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Arrow Dancing

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Arrow Dancing
Keystone Passive Skill
Arrow Dancing passive icon.png
  • 40% more chance to Evade Projectile Attacks
  • 20% less chance to Evade Melee Attacks
Let the whistling of arrows and stones be your music.

Arrow Dancing (previously known as Arrow Dodging and later Ondar's Guile) is a keystone passive skill that increases the chance to evade projectile attacks while decreasing the chance to evade melee attacks.


It is important to note that Arrow Dancing affects evasion chance, not evasion rating. As an example, if chance to evade were 45%, against projectiles it would be increased to 63%, and against melee attacks it would be reduced to 36%.

Even with zero evasion rating, the minimum chance to evade is 5%. Taking Arrow Dancing along with the Iron Reflexes keystone results in a 6.5% chance to evade projectile attacks and 3.5% chance to evade melee attacks. The overriding exception is the Unwavering Stance keystone, which will set chance to evade to 0% regardless.

Projectile attacks include almost all arrows/spines, stones/books, etc. that are physically thrown/launched. The chaos spit of Bramble Cobras count, but not the breath attack of Void Bearers which is a spell. Notably, it will work on AoE attacks from a Birdman and on Tentacle Miscreation's bolts.

Arrow Dancing will not work on spell projectiles as spells do not have evade check. Brutus will still hook you in because it's probably[speculation?] been implemented as a spell, but Piety's GMP arrows will sail right by.


Arrow Dancing is located at southeast corner of the tree. It is a standalone keystone.

Class Distance from start
Ranger 8
Duelist 12
Shadow 13
Scion 16
Witch 21
Marauder 21
Templar 26

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Version history

Version Changes
  • Ondar's Guile has been renamed Arrow Dancing and now grants 40% more chance to evade projectile attacks but 20% less chance to evade melee attacks.
  • Ondar's Guile now applies to reflected projectile attack damage.
  • Renamed the Arrow Dodging keystone passive to Ondar's Guile.