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Archmage Support

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Archmage SupportLightning, Support, Spell
Icon: ^
Requires Level 31Supports spell skills that deal damage with hits and have mana costs. Cannot support triggered skills, or skills used by totems, traps or mines. Cannot modify the skills of minions.Per 1% Quality:
Supported Skills have 0.5% increased Mana Cost
Supported Skills have (1-7) to (15-134) added Lightning Damage
Supported Skills have base Mana Cost equal to 6% of Unreserved Maximum Mana, if that value is higher
Supported Skills gain Added Lightning Damage equal to (70-127)% of Mana Cost, if Mana Cost is not higher than the maximum you could spend
This is a Support Gem. It does not grant a bonus to your character, but to skills in sockets connected to it. Place into an item socket connected to a socket containing the Active Skill Gem you wish to augment. Right click to remove from a socket.
Archmage Support inventory icon.png
Level: 31
Purchase Costs
Normal1x Orb of Chance
Sell Price
1x Scroll Fragment
Item class: Support Skill Gems
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/Gems/SupportGemArchmage

Archmage Support is a support gem that changes the linked spell's base mana cost to be equal to a proportion of your unreserved mana. It gives the skill added lightning damage based on how much mana was spent to cast that skill.

Skill functions and interactions

Vaal skills supported my archmage gain the mana cost and added lightning damage.

Gem level progression

Equal to
Mana Cost
Exp.Total Exp.
131521 to 1570%00
234571 to 1973%285,815285,815
336601 to 2176%252,595538,410
438631 to 2479%314,394852,804
540661 to 2782%388,7341,241,538
642692 to 3085%477,4371,718,975
744722 to 3388%583,7862,302,761
846752 to 3791%710,3593,013,120
948782 to 4294%1,355,5114,368,631
1050812 to 4797%1,138,8775,507,508
1152843 to 52100%1,368,2336,875,741
1254873 to 58103%1,638,3388,514,079
1356903 to 65106%1,956,64810,470,727
1458934 to 72109%3,655,18414,125,911
1560964 to 80112%3,017,32717,143,238
1662995 to 89115%7,720,12624,863,364
17641025 to 98118%15,058,45539,921,819
18661056 to 109121%25,964,21865,886,037
19681086 to 121124%62,460,771128,346,808
20701117 to 134127%211,508,743339,855,551
21721148 to 148130%N/AN/A
2274N/A9 to 164132%N/AN/A
2376N/A10 to 181134%N/AN/A
2478N/A11 to 200136%N/AN/A
2580N/A12 to 221138%N/AN/A
2682N/A13 to 244140%N/AN/A
2784N/A14 to 269142%N/AN/A
2886N/A16 to 296144%N/AN/A
2988N/A17 to 327146%N/AN/A
3090N/A19 to 360148%N/AN/A
3191N/A20 to 378149%N/AN/A
3292N/A21 to 396150%N/AN/A
3393N/A22 to 416151%N/AN/A
3494N/A23 to 436152%N/AN/A
3595N/A24 to 458153%N/AN/A
3696N/A25 to 480154%N/AN/A
3797N/A26 to 503155%N/AN/A
3898N/A28 to 528156%N/AN/A
3999N/A29 to 554157%N/AN/A
40100N/A31 to 581158%N/AN/A

Item acquisition

Upgrade paths

This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:

9Gift of the Gemling QueenGift of the Gemling Queen9Level 20 Support GemOur Lady Dialla,
as a symbol of our progress,
shines greater than all the gems.
random level 20 Support gemAutomatic
7Dialla's SubjugationDialla's Subjugation7Superior Support Gem
Quality: +23%
A symbol of beauty and innocence
The gems corrupted her mind
Malachai corrupted her gems
All but a glimmer of
greatness lost in madness
random corrupted superior Support gem (Q23)Automatic
6The FoxThe Fox6Level 20 Gem"Masters of wit, strength and cunning. To survive the harsh winters, you must be like the fox."
- Ezomyte Proverb
random level 20 gemAutomatic
13The CataclysmThe Cataclysm13Level 21 Spell Gem
The mighty warriors traded in blows, the nimble archers in arrows, yet it was the brazen thaumaturgists who would bring catastrophe to all.
random corrupted level 21 Spell gemAutomatic
3Gemcutter's PromiseGemcutter's Promise3Superior Gem
Quality: +20%
"I swore to use my position to help the people. What good is power when it just accumulates on the already-powerful?" - Erasmus, Imperial Gemcutter
random superior gem (Q20)Automatic

Quest reward

This item is given as a quest reward for the following quests:

Class →WitchShadowRangerDuelistMarauderTemplarScion
Quest ↓
A Fixture of Fate
Act 3

Vendor reward

This item can be bought at the listed NPC vendors, after completing the following quests:

Class →WitchShadowRangerDuelistMarauderTemplarScion
Quest ↓
A Fixture of Fate
Act 3
A Fixture of Fate
Act 3
Fallen from Grace
Act 6
Lilly Roth

Version history

Version Changes
  • Archmage Support has been added to the game.