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Ancient Construct

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Ancient Construct
Location(s) The Vaal Ruins Level 1
The Caverns
The Crystal Veins
Damage Chaos
Resistance(s) Chaos

Ancient Construct is a type of ranged Construct. They are found in Act 2 and Act 4.


  • Resists Chaos
  • Projectile deals Chaos and Physical damage


Other Areas


  • Module Error: Item link: Too many results for search parameter "Catacombs Map". Consider using page parameter instead.
  • The Apex of SacrificeThe Apex of SacrificeMap Level: 70Area does not contain Rogue Exiles (Hidden)Travel to this Map by using it in the Templar Laboratory or a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.

Related Prophecies

  • The Soulless BeastThe Soulless BeastPowered by twin wings, the mechanical monster roams the ruins.You will track down a powerful Ancient Construct who will drop a unique item when slain.Right-click to add this prophecy to your character.Seal cost:
    2x Silver Coin