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Alva Valai

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Alva Valai
Alva Valai
Area: A1 Mud Flats and any zone after it.
Functions: Introducing exiles to incursions

Alva Valai is an NPC who guides the player in temporal incursion. She was introduced in the Incursion League.

Incursions were not added to the core game after the Incursion challenge leagues ended, so Alva Valai is currently not available to players. However, she will make a return in version 3.5.0[1].



Thank the gods! You're no saint, I can see that. Though who am I to question what form divine providence comes in?

I am the great Alva Valai! Reliquarian extraordinaire, seeker of mysteries, explorer of the unknown, lover of all things that glitter - and I need your help.

The lost Temple of Atzoatl; Halls lined with finery, boxes stuffed with glimmering riches and relics touched by insurmountable power! For eons lost to history... until now.

Alva's Past

When I was young, my father gave me my first call to adventure by enlisting me in the employ of Dominus' navy. I used to love the sea. The way it smelled. The freshness of the air... but, some 'stuff' happened and I returned to Theopolis, intent on living a ladies life. Ha, it was not to be, obviously.

My lust for excitement brought me to the Reliquarians - a secret society of treasure hunters, funded by those cold and greedy societal uppercrusts. I had my father pull some strings and before I knew it, I was amongst it all, raiding temples and tombs across the land. But, well... you're an exile, you know how the Templars are. Untrustworthy is one way to describe them. When I came across a manual of Vaal blood thaumaturgy, I knew I couldn't let it fall into their hands. And it never did.

Though that damned High Templar knew I was keeping something secret... And so, no longer welcome amongst the nobility, here I am. Luckily there's a fortune to be made here and a few of my old clients still remain loyal to me when it comes to spending what they have inside their purses.


The lost Temple of Atzoatl is said to be the most famed in all Vaal history and myth. Best I can tell, the Temple began its construction in the final years of the Vaal Empire. The exact date of its completion has been hard to ascertain as it occurred shortly before the events which brought about the civilisation's extinction.

Perhaps it is the fragility of the timeline that has made Atzoatl such a staple of Vaal mythology. Some say it was a place of darkness, home to the most vile of sacrifices. But there are others who claim the temple to be the birthplace of technology - even our own is said to pale in comparison to what was being forged within those walls.

Scholars today have even suggested that it was the treasure house for Queen Atziri herself. Whichever is true, it was bound to have been fiercely protected by fanatics and royalty alike. And if something's worth protecting, well, then it's worth bloody taking!


Well, most of my market no longer exists... but, I'm an adaptable type, and there are plenty of pirates, thieves, tyrants and nutters who will pay good coin for my finds.

I may just have to do a little extra legwork to find 'em.


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