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Albino Rhoa

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Albino Rhoa
Albino Rhoa
Location(s) The Mud Flats
Resistance(s) Cold

Albino Rhoa is a very rare type of Rhoa which occasionally spawns in The Mud Flats. Unlike regular Rhoas, it does not attack the player but instead runs away from them. When killed, it drops a single Albino Rhoa FeatherAlbino Rhoa FeatherStack Size: 10Shift click to unstack..

The Albino Rhoa cannot be raised as a spectre using the Raise Spectre skill although it can be raised as a zombie using the Raise Zombie skill.


  • Resists Cold

Version History

Version Changes
  • Bestiary leagues added to the core game. However, players no longer able to purchase nets nor capture Albino Rhoa
  • Introduced to the game.