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This article is about the mechanics of affixes. For lists of item affixes, see Item Affix. For lists of map affixes, see List of map mods

An affix is a word added to either end of the name of a randomly generated monster or item that gives an indication of the properties of that monster or item. Each affix has one or more related modifiers which are applied to the monster or item that has the affix.

Affixes come in two forms, prefixes and suffixes. Prefixes appear before the name of the monster/item, while suffixes appear after the name.


Each affix has a level. In order to be eligible to receive an affix, an item must have an item level greater than or equal to the the affix's level. For instance a level 50 affix will only appear on items with an item level of 50 or higher.

In the case of equipment, each affix on an item adds a level requirement to that item. The level requirement added in this way is equal to 80% of the affix's level. For instance:

  • The Gazelle's prefix has a level of 40
  • Normal Iron Boots have no level requirement
  • Gazelle's Iron Boots would have a level requirement of 32, which is 80% of 40

Level requirements from multiple affixes, or from the normal item itself, do not stack. Only the highest level requirement matters.

Affixes on magic items and monsters

Affix goats horn.png

In the picture to the right you see a normal Goat's HornGoat's HornWand
Physical Damage: 713
Critical Strike Chance: 7.00%
Attacks per Second: 1.20
Weapon Range: 120
Requires Level 6, 29 Int(10-14)% increased Spell Damage
, showing its 12% Increased Spell Damage implicit modifier. As a normal item, it has no affixes. Below that is a picture of the same item, after being upgraded to a magic item using an Orb of TransmutationOrb of TransmutationStack Size: 40Upgrades a normal item to a magic itemRight click this item then left click a normal item to apply it.
Shift click to unstack.
. It gained both a prefix and a suffix:

  • Humming
This prefix adds an Added Lightning Damage modifier to the item. The modifier has two values - minimum damage, which is always 1, and maximum damage, which is chosen randomly from the range of 9-10. In this case maximum damage chosen was 10.
  • of Calm
This suffix adds a + Local Accuracy Rating modifier to the item. This modifier has only one value, which is chosen randomly from a range of 5 to 15. In this case the random value was +6 accuracy.

A magic item or monster can have a maximum of two affixes. It can never have more than one prefix and one suffix. It can never have two prefixes or two suffixes.

Affixes on rare items and monsters

Affixes on rares work in the same way as on magics, except that the affix names are not shown. Instead the rare has a special name. Rares can have up to six affixes, but never more than three prefixes, and never more than three suffixes.

Duplicate names

Not all affixes have unique names. For instance there are two item affixes named of Calm. Each affix has different item types that it can appear on, and can have different modifiers. Using of Calm as an example, one version will only appear on weapons, and grants an accuracy modifier that only applies to attacks made with that weapon. The other version will not appear on weapons, but can appear on other item types such as rings, and its modifier is applied to all attacks made, regardless of the weapon used.

Affix groups

Each affix belongs to a group. An item or monster will never receive more than one affix from a particular group. For instance, the of Calm suffix on the above pictured Goat's Horn is part of a group of nine affixes which grant local accuracy rating modifiers, which range in level from 1 to 63. Only one of those affixes will ever appear on a single item. However, an item may still receive accuracy modifiers that come from different affix groups, such as the Journeyman's prefix, which adds both Local Physical Damage +% and Local Accuracy Rating.