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Adrenaline status icon.png
You deal increased Damage, and have increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed and additional Physical Damage Reduction.

Adrenaline is a buff that grants bonus attack damage, movement, attack and cast speed, and physical damage reduction.


Adrenaline grants the following:

  • 100% increased Damage
  • 25% increased Attack, Cast, and Movement Speed
  • 10% additional Physical Damage Reduction


Active skill gems

Skill gemStr.Dex.Int.Lvl.
War BannerWar BannerAoE, Spell, Duration, Aura, Physical
Mana Reserved: 10%
Can Store 1 Use(s)
Cooldown Time: 1.00 sec
Requires Level 4Casting once reserves mana to carry a banner which increases the accuracy of nearby allies, and physical damage taken by nearby enemies. Gain stages by killing enemies while carrying the banner. Casting the skill again places the banner, ending the mana reservation. Once placed, it becomes more powerful for each stage gained. You cannot have multiple banners at the same time.Per 1% Quality:
0.5% increased effect of Aura
Base Duration of 10 seconds after being Placed
You and nearby allies gain (15-21)% increased Accuracy Rating
Nearby Enemies take (8-11)% increased Physical Damage
When placed, 8% increased Area of Effect per Stage
When placed, 1% increased Aura effect per Stage
+1 second to Base Placed Banner Duration per Stage
Gain Adrenaline for 0.05 seconds per Stage on Placing the Banner
Gain 1 Stage when you Kill an Enemy while carrying the Banner
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
War Banner skill icon.png

Ascendancy passive skills

There are Ascendancy passive skills related to Adrenaline:

Champion avatar.png
First to Strike, Last to Fall
FirstStrikeLastFall (Champion) passive skill icon.png
Your Hits permanently Intimidate Enemies that are on Full Life
Gain Adrenaline for 20 seconds when you reach Low Life if you
do not have Adrenaline
Remove all Ailments and Burning when you gain Adrenaline
Recover 25% of Life when you gain Adrenaline [1]

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.