Adder's Touch

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Adder's Touch
Notable Passive Skill
Adderstouch passive skill icon.png
+30% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Daggers
Critical Strikes with Daggers have a 40% chance to Poison the Enemy
20% increased Damage with Poison
+15% to Damage over Time Multiplier for Poison from Critical Strikes [1]

Adder's Touch is a notable passive skill that grants increased damage with poison, and additional critical strike multiplier with daggers. It also grants additional chance to poison on critical strikes with daggers and additional damage over time multiplier for poisons from critical strikes.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Adder's Touch near the Shadow has had its Critical Strike Multiplier with Daggers reduced to +30%, Chance to Poison on Critical Strike with Daggers increased to 40%, and it now grants 40% increased Poison Damage.
  • Adder's Touch have 60% (increased from 40%) increased Critical Strike Multiplier with Daggers
  • Adder's Touch now only grants a chance to poison, rather than poisoning with every hit.
  • Critical strike multiplier decreased from 66% to 40%.