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Act 8

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The map of Act 8

Act Eight is Path of Exile's eighth storyline act, and the third act of Part Two. In this act, the exile returns to the Sarn Encampment in search of Doedre Darktongue, who has taken up residence in the city's sewers. Solaris and Lunaris, the city's matron gods, have awoken and started to battle. Maramoa requests the exile do something before the fighting endangers the encampment. Tolman has risen in an undead form, and Clarissa seeks to revive him fully. Grigor has returned to his home of Ezomyr in search of a cure for his deformities.

It covers monster levels 55-59, and its town is The Sarn Encampment.




The Sarn Ramparts
55 Waypoint
The Sarn Encampment
The Toxic Conduits
The Grand Promenade
Doedre's Cesspool
56 Waypoint
The Quay
The Grain Gate
57 Waypoint
The High Gardens
The Bath House
57 Waypoint
The Imperial Fields
58 Waypoint
The Lunaris Temple Level 1
59 Waypoint
The Lunaris Concourse
58 Waypoint
The Harbour Bridge
The Solaris Concourse
58 Waypoint
The Solaris Temple Level 1
59 Waypoint
The Lunaris Temple Level 2
The Solaris Temple Level 2

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