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Act 7

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The map of Act 7

Act Seven is Path of Exile's seventh storyline act, and the second act of Part Two. In this act, the exile lands at the broken bridge that was once ruled by Kraityn. Now it is home to Yeena, Helena and Eramir, who fled the Forest Encampment after the gods returned. Greust has been possessed by Ralakesh and Silk is nowhere to be found. Sin asks the exile to acquire the soul of Maligaro, who is hiding in his own realm.

It covers monster levels 51-54, and its town is The Bridge Encampment.




The Silver Locket quest icon.png · Essence of the Artist quest icon.png · No Time like the Present quest icon.png · Web of Secrets quest icon.png · The Master of a Million Faces quest icon.png · In Memory of Greust quest icon.png · Queen of Despair quest icon.png · Kishara's Star quest icon.png · Lighting the Way quest icon.png · The Mother of Spiders quest icon.png
The Silver Locket·Essence of the Artist·No Time like the Present·Web of Secrets·The Master of a Million Faces·In Memory of Greust·Queen of Despair·Kishara's Star·Lighting the Way·The Mother of Spiders


The Crypt
51 Waypoint
The Fellshrine Ruins
The Chamber of Sins Level 1
52 Waypoint
The Crossroads
51 Waypoint
The Broken Bridge
The Bridge Encampment
The Chamber of Sins Level 2
The Den
53 Waypoint
Maligaro's Sanctum


The Ashen Fields
53 Waypoint
The Northern Forest
53 Waypoint
The Dread Thicket
The Causeway
54 Waypoint
The Vaal City
54 Waypoint
The Temple of Decay Level 1
The Temple of Decay Level 2

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