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Act 6

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The map of Act 6

Act Six is Path of Exile's sixth storyline act, and the start of Part Two. In this act, the exile flees to the relative safety of Wraeclast after failing to kill Kitava. Sin has a plan to deal with the god, but he requires the souls of Shavronne, Maligaro, and Doedre. Additionally, the death of the Beast has awakened many of Wraeclast's old gods.

It covers monster levels 45-50, and its town is Lioneye's Watch.



Fallen from Grace quest icon.png · Bestel's Epic quest icon.png · The Father of War quest icon.png · Essence of Umbra quest icon.png · The Cloven One quest icon.png · The Puppet Mistress quest icon.png · The Brine King quest icon.png
Fallen from Grace·Bestel's Epic·The Father of War·Essence of Umbra·The Cloven One·The Puppet Mistress·The Brine King


The Twilight Strand
Lioneye's Watch
The Coast
45 Waypoint
The Tidal Island
The Mud Flats
The Karui Fortress
The Ridge
46 Waypoint
The Lower Prison
47 Waypoint
Shavronne's Tower
Prisoner's Gate
47 Waypoint
The Western Forest
48 Waypoint
The Riverways
48 Waypoint
The Wetlands
The Southern Forest
49 Waypoint
The Cavern of Anger
The Beacon
49 Waypoint
The Brine King's Reef
50 Waypoint

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