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Act 3

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The map of Act 3

Act Three is Path of Exile's third storyline act. In this act, the exile visit the ancient city of Sarn, capitol of the Eternal Empire. The city is inhabited by undead and Blackguard soldiers from Oriath. Dominus and Piety perform gruesome experiments in their laboratories, trying to unlock the power of the virtue gems.

It covers monster levels 23–33. Its town is The Sarn Encampment.




Lost in Love quest icon.png · Victario's Secrets quest icon.png · Sever the Right Hand quest icon.png · Fiery Dust quest icon.png · The Gemling Queen quest icon.png · The Ribbon Spool quest icon.png · A Swig of Hope quest icon.png · A Fixture of Fate quest icon.png · Piety's Pets quest icon.png · Sceptre of God quest icon.png · The Shaper quest icon.png · The Lord's Labyrinth quest icon.png
Lost in Love·Victario's Secrets·Sever the Right Hand·Fiery Dust·The Gemling Queen·The Ribbon Spool·A Swig of Hope·A Fixture of Fate·Piety's Pets·Sceptre of God·The Shaper·The Lord's Labyrinth


The City of Sarn
23 Waypoint
The Sarn Encampment
The Crematorium
25 Waypoint
The Slums
Lunaris Temple Level 2
The Sewers
26 Waypoint
The Marketplace
26 Waypoint
The Catacombs
Lunaris Temple Level 1
29 Waypoint
The Ebony Barracks
29 Waypoint
The Battlefront
27 Waypoint
Solaris Temple Level 1
27 Waypoint
The Docks
29 Waypoint
Solaris Temple Level 2
28 Waypoint
The Library
30 Waypoint
The Imperial Gardens
30 Waypoint
The Hedge Maze
The Archives
The Sceptre of God
32 Waypoint
The Upper Sceptre of God

Version history

Version Changes
  • Removed the Cruel and Merciless difficulty levels. Path of Exile is now a single ten-act playthrough.
  • Removed The Warehouse and the three sewers
  • Added six new world areas (in all three difficulty levels) across three new tilesets. There are three new quests.
  • Added a grand finale boss fight.
  • The Eternal Laboratory has been visually revamped and is now present in the Solaris Temple. In Normal and Cruel difficulties, it contains lore.
  • The City of Sarn, Path of Exile's third act, is now available! It includes 21 areas based on 8 new tilesets, 18 completely new monster types and over 90 monster variations.