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Act 2

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The map of Act 2

Act Two is Path of Exile's second storyline act. In this act, the exile is driven farther inland. Among the forests, riverways and caves, groups of bandits have built fortified camps and openly challenge one another while extorting food and supplies from a small, struggling village. In the north, an ancient Vaal spirit is stirring in the dark.

Act 2 covers monster levels 13–23. Its town is The Forest Encampment.




The Great White Beast quest icon.png · Intruders in Black quest icon.png · Through Sacred Ground quest icon.png · Sharp and Cruel quest icon.png · The Root of the Problem quest icon.png · Deal with the Bandits quest icon.png · The Bandit Lord Alira quest icon.png · The Bandit Lord Kraityn quest icon.png · The Bandit Lord Oak quest icon.png · Shadow of the Vaal quest icon.png · The Lord's Labyrinth quest icon.png
The Great White Beast·Intruders in Black·Through Sacred Ground·Sharp and Cruel·The Root of the Problem·Deal with the Bandits·The Bandit Lord Alira·The Bandit Lord Kraityn·The Bandit Lord Oak·Shadow of the Vaal·The Lord's Labyrinth


Chamber of Sins Level 2
The Southern Forest
13 Waypoint
Chamber of Sins Level 1
16 Waypoint
The Forest Encampment
The Old Fields
The Crossroads
15 Waypoint
The Broken Bridge
16 Waypoint
The Western Forest
17 Waypoint
The Riverways
15 Waypoint
The Den
The Fellshrine Ruins
Weaver's Chambers
The Wetlands
19 Waypoint
The Crypt Level 1
17 Waypoint
Vaal Ruins
The Crypt Level 2
Northern Forest
21 Waypoint
The Dread Thicket
The Caverns
22 Waypoint
Ancient Pyramid

Version history

Version Changes
  • The Waypoint in Chamber of Sins Level 2 has been moved to Chamber of Sins Level 1.
  • Cruel and Merciless difficulties have been removed.