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Act 10

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The map of Act 10

Act ten is Path of Exile's tenth storyline act, and the fifth act of Part Two. In this act, the exile returns to Oriath, courtesy of Lilly Roth, to kill Kitava once and for all. Landing on the docks, the exile is greeted by Lani, who tells a harrowing tale of escape from the Overseer's Tower after Vilenta betrays her and Bannon. The exile must find Bannon, awake Innocence and kill Kitava.

It covers monster levels 64-67 and its town is Oriath Docks.



Safe Passage quest icon.png · Map to Tsoatha quest icon.png · No Love for Old Ghosts quest icon.png · Vilenta's Vengeance quest icon.png · Death and Rebirth quest icon.png · An End to Hunger quest icon.png
Safe Passage·Map to Tsoatha·No Love for Old Ghosts·Vilenta's Vengeance·Death and Rebirth·An End to Hunger


Oriath Docks
The Cathedral Rooftop
The Reliquary
67 Waypoint
The Ravaged Square
64 Waypoint
The Ossuary
The Control Blocks
66 Waypoint
The Torched Courts
The Canals
The Desecrated Chambers
65 Waypoint
The Feeding Trough

Version history

Version Changes
  • Added a new Act Ten area: The Control Blocks. Could this be where Vilenta has been hiding out this whole time?
  • Introduced to the game.