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Keystone Passive Skill
Acrobatics passive icon.png
  • 30% Chance to Dodge Attacks.
  • 50% less Armour and Energy Shield, 30% less Chance to Block Spells and Attacks
Light and unadorned, like wind on water, you will be.

Acrobatics is a keystone passive skill that grants additional chance to dodge attacks. However, the character also receives penalties to armour rating, energy shield, and chance to block both spells and attacks.


Acrobatics lies on the far right side of the skill tree. It opens a path to three Acrobatics Improvement nodes and Phase Acrobatics.

Class Distance from start
Shadow 10
Ranger 10
Scion 15
Witch 18
Duelist 15
Templar 25
Marauder 24

Version history

Version Changes
  • Acrobatics now has a 30% less Block Chance modifier.
  • Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics have been increased to providing 30% dodge chance.
  • Acrobatics now halves your Energy Shield and Armour, rather than removing them entirely.
  • Acrobatics no longer removes the physical damage reduction granted by Endurance Charges.
  • Introduced to the game. 20% chance to dodge all enemy attacks. Removes all armour. Removes all energy shield.