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Abberath's Fury

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NameAbberath's Fury
Skill IdRepeatingShockwave
IconAbberath's Fury skill icon.png
Cast Time1s
Level Req.1
Critical Strike Chance5%
Damage Effectiveness100%
Damage Multiplier100%
While you run, this skill creates a small explosion with each step, dealing fire damage in an area around you.
Deals 50 to 75 Fire Damage
10% chance to Ignite enemies
This Spell is Triggered when Equipped
This Skill cannot Knock Enemies Back
You cannot Cast this Spell directly
Abberath's Fury skill screenshot.jpg

Abberath's Fury is a triggered spell that deals fire damage in an area.

Skill Functions and Interactions

Triggering: Abberath's Fury is triggered each time the character takes a step. Modifiers to movement speed will increase the frequency at which it triggers.

There is a limit to this effect at around +160% movement speed. If a player exceeds this limit, the trigger frequency is dramatically reduced and the spell sometimes skips a cast. This is possibly due to how "steps" are implemented.

Cast Speed: Modifiers to cast speed have no effect on the spell's cast rate or frequency, despite changing the tooltip. Sometimes the spell will lag behind the player's movement after a negative cast speed modifier is applied. This usually disappears after entering a new area.

Movement skills: The movement skills will not trigger explosions. The only exception is Shield ChargeShield ChargeAttack, AoE, Movement, Melee
Radius: 8 / 16
Mana Cost: 8
Cast Time: 1.00 sec
Damage Effectiveness: (50%-61%)
Requires Level 10Charges at a targeted location or enemy, pushing away enemies in your path and repeatedly dealing damage in a small area in front of you. You deal damage in a larger area when you reach the target. The further you travel, the more damage you deal, and the greater your chance of stunning enemies. Cannot be supported by Multistrike.Per 1% Quality:
1% increased Damage
Deals (50-61.4)% of Base Damage
50% increased Stun Threshold reduction on enemies at Maximum charge distance
(75-94)% increased Movement Speed
200% more Damage with Hits at Maximum Charge Distance
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
Shield Charge skill icon.png
, as player is technically still walking but at a greatly increased speed.

Drop restrictions

Abberath's Fury can only be obtained from Abberath's HoovesAbberath's Hooves
Goathide Boots
Quality: +20%
Evasion: 50
Requires Level 12, 26 Dex+(20-30) to Strength
15% increased Movement Speed
(6-10)% chance to Ignite
When you Kill an Ignited Enemy, inflict an equivalent Ignite on each nearby Enemy
Triggers Level 7 Abberath's Fury when Equipped
1% increased Fire Damage per 20 Strength
Burning Hoofprints
The goat king knew not of war,
of the lands and laws he trampled.
The goat king knew only joy
at turning life into ash.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Abberath's Fury has been added to the game.