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"A waypoint in the Library."
A waypoint in the Library.

A Waypoint is a way to fast travel between different zones, acts and difficulties. They appear as blue shapes in the overlay map, and display as white when moused-over.


Waypoint UI

When you click a waypoint, the Quest UI is displayed, but you can click an Area with Active Waypoint to travel there. Ctrl+Click the Area with Active Waypoint in the map to display the Instances UI, where you can create a new instance to a zone or join an existing one. This is especially useful when playing with a Party or in a Cut-Throat League.

"Waypoint map for act 1"

Zones with Waypoints

Act 1

Twilight Strand (In difficulties other than Normal)
Lioneye's Watch
Mud Flats
Lower Submerged Passage
The Ledge
The Climb
Lower Prison
The Prisoner's Gate
The Ship Graveyard
Cavern of Wrath

Act 2

The Southern Forest
Forest Encampment
Broken Bridge
The Crypt Level 1
Chamber of Sins Level 2
The Blackwood
The Western Forest
Vaal Ruins Level 1
The Wetlands
Caverns Level 2

Act 3

The City of Sarn
Sarn Encampment
Warehouse Sewers
Solaris Temple Level 2
The Docks
The Ebony Barracks
Lunaris Temple Level 2
The Imperial Gardens
The Library
The Sceptre of God