Considering helping out on the wiki to keep it updated - in particular the changed unique items need to be updated to reflect 2.6.0 changes.

Mods and base items have been updated to 2.6 values - skill progressions on some skill gem pages may need updating or some bugs need to be fixed.

Version 2.5.1c

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Version History
22 December 2016
Version 2.5.1c
8 January 2017
23 January 2017

Patch notes

These are the official patch notes for version 2.5.1c released by Grinding Gear Games.[1]

  • Improved targeting when using Cast while Channelling Support inventory icon.pngCast while Channelling SupportCast while Channelling SupportSupport, Channelling, Spell
    Icon: W
    Mana Multiplier: 140%
    Requires Level 38Acquisition
    Level: 38
    Per 1% Quality:
    0.5% increased Damage
    Cast a Supported Spell every (0.45-0.35) seconds while Channelling Supported Skills
    You cannot Cast Supported Triggerable Spells directly
    Supported Triggered Skills deal (0-9)% more Damage
    This is a Support Gem. It does not grant a bonus to your character, but to skills in sockets connected to it. Place into an item socket connected to a socket containing the Active Skill Gem you wish to augment. Right click to remove from a socket.
    Cast while Channelling Support inventory icon.png
    with Blade Flurry inventory icon.pngBlade FlurryBlade FlurryAttack, AoE, Channelling, Melee
    Radius: 14 / 17 / 19
    Mana Cost: 4
    Cast Time: 1.00 sec
    Requires Level 28Acquisition
    Level: 28
    Repeatedly strike at enemies in a circle in front of you while channelling, dealing damage to and around the struck enemy. The damage is continually boosted while channelling. You unleash an additional strike for each stage reached once the channelling ends. Requires a Dagger, Claw or One-Handed Sword.Per 1% Quality:
    0.5% increased Attack Speed
    Deals (45-56.4)% of Base Attack Damage
    60% more Attack Speed
    20% more Damage for each stage
    Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
    Blade Flurry skill icon.png
    Blade Flurry inventory icon.png
  • Fixed a client crash with the "of Reflection" enchantments when used in a party.
  • Fixed a bug with the "of Reflection" enchantments, which were not visibly performing attacks.
  • Fixed a bug where levelling a gem could stop some skills from dealing damage.
  • Fixed a bug where the Covered in Spiders effect from the Arachnid Tomb map boss would spawn spiders four times too frequently.
  • Fixed a bug where upgrading Essences in the Essences Tab would sometimes fail if you had the Nature's Boon Ascendancy skill.
  • Fixed a bug where certain boss fight events could incorrectly remove Spectres of a specific type.


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