Vaal Pact

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Vaal Pact
Keystone Passive Skill
Vaal Pact passive icon.png
  • Life Leech applies instantly at 40% effectiveness
  • Life Regeneration has no effect
My ancestral pact was sealed. Forevermore, I would gain sustenance only from the ravaged flesh of my enemies.

Vaal Pact is a keystone passive skill that grants instant life restoration from life leech at lower effectiveness. It also causes life regeneration to have no effect.

Comparison to standard behavior

Without Vaal Pact, life leech occurs at a base rate of 20% of maximum life per second. The duration is the leech amount divided by the leech rate. Multiple hits do not stack; only the fastest leech at any point in time will recover life. The maximum leech rate is thus 20% of maximum life per second. With Vaal Pact, the amount leeched is reduced to 40%, but the leech is instant, so the full amount will be leeched regardless of timing or magnitude of hits. The amount leeched is thus only limited by damage dealt.


Vaal Pact leech is applied before reflect. Both are applied for every hit in sequence.

Interaction with Zealot's Oath

The Zealot's Oath keystone causes life regeneration to restore energy shield instead of life. Because Vaal Pact causes life regeneration to have no effect, taking it along with Zealot's Oath will prevent the character from regenerating energy shield. It will not prevent energy shield from recharging as it normally does.


Vaal Pact is located left of the Duelist start, below Berserking.

Class Distance from start
Duelist 8
Ranger 15
Marauder 9
Scion 9
Templar 14
Shadow 18
Witch 19

Version history

Version Changes
  • Vaal Pact no longer suppresses life recovery from flasks. It still prevents life regeneration and now also reduces your leech by 60%.