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The Western Forest

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The Western Forest
Act 2 Area
Monster Level: 17 / 46 / 61
The Western Forest area screenshot.jpg
Bathed in the cool light of obsession.

The Western Forest is a area in Act 2. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Riverways, The Weaver's Chambers and Prisoner's Gate.

A long stone road connects the Riverways to Prisoner's Gate, and the waypoint appears on the side of the road. A destroyed section of the road with a torch indicates the location of Alira's camp. Opposite from it is the entrance to The Weaver's Chamber. The Prisoner's Gate exit is guarded by soldiers in the Ebony Legion, including Captain Arteri, at the end of the road.

When Arteri is killed, he drops the quest item Thaumetic EmblemThaumetic EmblemA sigil of thaumaturgy graven in granite. and no other items. Picking up the emblem and activating the magical symbol on the wall completes the quest The Way Forward, which gives one passive skill point each difficulty from Bestel.

Also, we can find the mysterious Proclamation in the center of the stone circle.

Furthermore, the entrance to The Weaver's Chamber can be found on a side of the zone, which is engulfed in webbing.



Corrupted areas

Narrow Ravine has a chance to spawn.

Divination Cards

The following divination cards can drop in this area:

  • The BetrayalThe Betrayal9Maligaro's VirtuosityIt's sad times we live in when a friendship has a price people are willing to pay. (Cruel and Merciless)
  • The Carrion CrowThe Carrion Crow4Life ArmourFrom death, life.
    From life, death.
    The wheel turns,
    and the corbies wheel overhead.
    (Cruel and Merciless)
  • Emperor of PurityEmperor of Purity7Six-Link Holy Chainmail
    Item Level: 60
    True to his title, Voll, newly crowned, had many of the Eternal Empire signature extravagances destroyed.
    (Cruel and Merciless)
  • The FoxThe Fox6Level 20 Gem"Masters of wit, strength and cunning. To survive the harsh winters, you must be like the fox."
    - Ezomyte Proverb
    (Cruel and Merciless)
  • The HermitThe Hermit9LifesprigThe hermit's only friend is
    the greenery he can find.
    (Cruel and Merciless)
  • The IncantationThe Incantation4The Whispering IceWhen there is no other choice, even the meekest whisper can bring about the greatest storm. (Cruel and Merciless)


When you come across a torch and a stone path along the road, that indicates which side of the map leads to Alira's camp. The other side of the road leads to The Weaver's Chambers. Follow the road west to get to the Blackguards to get the Thaumetic Emblem.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Zone progression rebalancing changed adjacent zones
  • map level adjusted from previous 21 | 43 | 58
  • Renamed from Alira's Camp