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The Upper Sceptre of God

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The Upper Sceptre of God
Act 3 Area
No Waypoint
Monster Level: 33 / 54 / 67
The Upper Sceptre of God area screenshot.png
The taller the tower, the greater the fall.

The Upper Sceptre of God is the final area of Act 3. This area does not have a waypoint and is connected to the Sceptre of God and the Aqueduct.

This area has three levels which are connected by stairs. The lowest area is connected to The Sceptre of God, and the highest area is dedicated to the fight with Dominus.



Final Battle:


Corrupted areas

Sealed Corridors has a chance to spawn.

Divination Cards

The following divination cards can drop in this area:

  • Light and TruthLight and Truth2Crystal SceptreTime and change
    shall naught avail,
    To dim the Light
    of Truth's fair grail.
    (any difficulty)
  • The SephirotThe Sephirot1110× Divine OrbIf the path to divinity were simple, we'd all be gods. from Dominus (Cruel and Merciless)
  • The TowerThe Tower6StaffA tower built of the
    strongest stone is not
    eternal; a towering
    intellect is not enlightened.
    (any difficulty)