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The Slums Sewers

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The Slums Sewers
Act 3 Area
No Waypoint
Monster Level: 25 / 49 / 63
The Slums Sewers area screenshot.jpg
Only the wind whistles
and whines here now.

The Slums Sewers is a area in Act 3. This area does not have a waypoint and is connected to The Slums and The Warehouse Sewers.

To unlock the sewers, you need to complete Lost in Love and get the quest item Sewer Keys inventory icon.pngSewer KeysSewer KeysTo enter a city's bowels is to be
privy to its best-kept secrets.
Sewer Keys inventory icon.png
from Clarissa. Sarn's sewers are mazes of long tunnels and small rooms, but there is also a large square room with a stash loot container in the center. The stash contains the quest item Bust of Hector Titucius inventory icon.pngBust of Hector TituciusBust of Hector TituciusThe Emperor honours Hector Titucius as Supreme Servant.
"Strength in purpose is strength in deed."
Bust of Hector Titucius inventory icon.png




Corrupted areas

Walled-off Ducts has a chance to spawn.

Divination Card

The following divination card can drop in this area:

Version History

Version Changes
  • Spinesnap has been rebalanced and added to the Slums Sewers.