The Riverways

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The Riverways
Act 2 Area
No Waypoint
Monster Level: 16 / 41 / 57
The Riverways area screenshot.jpg
Once tamed rivers now running free.

The Riverways is a area in Act 2. This area does not have a waypoint and is connected to The Forest Encampment, The Blackwood, and The Vaal Ruins Level 1.

A stone road leads from the Forest Encampment in the north-east corner to the Blackwood in the south. Four bridges cross over rivers, but if a bridge is destroyed you must find another crossing. The exit to the Vaal Ruins is marked by a break in the road and two pillars, beyond which the exit appears on a wall and is initially blocked by tree roots.




Corrupted areas

Mystical Clearing has a chance to spawn.

Version History

Version Changes
  • Tailsinger has been rebalanced and added to The Riverways.