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The Harvest (area)

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The Harvest
Act 4 Area
Monster Level: 40 / 57 / 70
The Harvest area screenshot.png
Where dreams come to die.

The Harvest is the final area of Act 4. It contains a waypoint and is connected to The Belly of the Beast Level 2. Its sub-area The Black Core is dedicated to the fight with Malachai, The Nightmare and can be accessed once the three other bosses have been defeated.



Divination cards

The following divination cards can drop in this area:


Name Description
Dispelling the Curse
Dispelling the Curse achievement icon.jpg
Kill Doedre Darktongue.
Bringer of Pain
Bringer of Pain achievement icon.jpg
Kill Maligaro, The Inquisitor.
Umbra Slayer
Umbra Slayer achievement icon.jpg
Kill Shavronne of Umbra.
End of the Nightmare
End of the Nightmare achievement icon.jpg
Kill Malachai, The Nightmare with each class.
Cleanser achievement icon.jpg
Fully clear The Harvest.

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