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The Fall of Oriath

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The Fall of Oriath
Release version: 3.0.0
Release date: July 2017

Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath (also referred to as Path of Exile 3.0) is the upcoming sixth expansion for Path of Exile. It was officially announced by Grinding Gear Games on February 15, 2017[1][2] and entered a beta phase on June 8th. The expansion is scheduled to be fully released late-July 2017[3]. The Fall of Oriath will be the game's largest expansion to date, introducing six new acts, a new story progression and the Pantheon system, an Xbox One port and several new unique items and skill gems.

New acts

The Fall of Oriath adds six new acts:

The expansion will remove the three difficulties (normal, cruel and merciless) and replace it with a single campaign play-through. After travelling to Oriath in Act 5, the exile returns to Wraeclast in Acts 6 to 10, revisiting familiar lands and slaying the once suppressed gods that have awoken since confronting the Beast in Act 5. Campaign is divided into two parts: Part 1 being Acts 1 to 5 and Part 2 being Acts 6 to 10. Both parts follows a similar progression; players visit roughly the same areas but their deeds in part one have had consequences that will have to be faced in part two.

Characters will receive a permanent elemental and chaos resistance reduction and soul cost penalty at the end of Act 5.

The Pantheon

Defeating the gods in Part 2 unlocks their power, providing passive defensive bonuses. There are twelve gods which grant their power; four major gods and eight minor gods. You may equip a major god and a minor god's power at one time. These bonuses can be swapped in town freely. In addition, these bonuses can be upgraded by capturing the soul of certain map bosses with a Divine VesselDivine VesselUnique Boss deals 10% increased Damage
Unique Boss has 10% increased Attack and Cast Speed
Unique Boss has 10% increased Life
Unique Boss has 20% increases Area of Effect
Power is a curious thing.
It can be contained, hidden, locked away,
and yet it always breaks free.
Can be used in the Eternal Laboratory or a personal Map Device, allowing you to capture the Soul of the Map's Boss.

New Items

Support Gems

  • Brutality Support
  • Chance to Bleed Support
  • Deadly Ailments Support
  • Decay Support
  • Efficacy Support
  • Ignite Proliferation Support
  • Immolate Support
  • Lesser Poison Support
  • Maim Support
  • Unbound Ailments Supports
  • Vile Toxins Support

Balance changes

Disclaimer: These changes are not final and are subject to change by the official release of Version 3.0.

  • Damage Over Time rework:
    • Ignite, Bleed, and Poison are now considered Ailments.
    • Ailments now have its total damage scale off the hit's base damage rather than the final hit damage, removing double dipping mechanics. Ailments also have its own Critical Strike Multiplier.
    • Bleed and Poison's base damage has been increased. The Skill Tree now contains bonuses that specifically increase the damage of Ailments.
  • Energy Shield armour values were adjusted to be higher at starting levels and lower at high levels.
  • Vaal Pact no longer applies to Energy Shield leech. Ghost Reaver now reduces Energy Shield Recharge Rate.


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