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The Chamber of Sins Level 1

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The Chamber of Sins Level 1
Act 2 Area
No Waypoint
Monster Level: 16 / 46 / 61
The Chamber of Sins Level 1 area screenshot.jpg
Phantom whispers of maniacal passion.

The Chamber of Sins Level 1 is a area in Act 2. This area does not have a waypoint and is connected to The Crossroads and The Chamber of Sins Level 2.

The layout is a maze of rooms and hallways, starting from the Crossroads exit in the upper left. Straight ahead from the entrance is an old reverie device, which is in a square room. Each corridor off this room points generally in the direction of a potential stairway location. The stairway down to the next level spawns at one of these locations.



Corrupted areas

Secret Laboratory has a chance to spawn.

Divination Cards

The following divination cards can drop in this area:

  • The Dark MageThe Dark Mage6Six-Link Staff
    Item Level: 55
    With staff in hand and wrath in heart, your soul and corpse shall surely part.
    (Cruel and Merciless)
  • Emperor of PurityEmperor of Purity7Six-Link Holy Chainmail
    Item Level: 60
    True to his title, Voll, newly crowned, had many of the Eternal Empire signature extravagances destroyed.
  • Shard of FateShard of Fate4Vivid JewelTheir whims left unknown,
    Their life left for others
    (Cruel and Merciless)
  • The SummonerThe Summoner6Superior Minion Gem
    Quality: +20%
    To own a piece of the
    Nightmare, you must first
    belong to the Nightmare.
    (Cruel and Merciless)
  • The Garish PowerThe Garish Power4JewelMaligaro may have valued function over form, but that did not mute his flair for the dramatic. (Merciless)

Version History

Version Changes
  • Plague Retch has moved out of Chamber of Sins Level 1 and has been replaced by Black Death. We wish Plagueretch all the best on wherever his new journey takes him.
  • Zone levels changed from 19/43/58 to 16/46/61 due to 2.0 progression balancing.