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The Bandit Lord Oak

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The Bandit Lord Oak quest icon.png

This quest is given by Oak after agreeing to aid him. Oak can be found in his encampment at The Wetlands.

Only one of the bandit quests may be completed. Completing this quest abandons the quests Deal with the Bandits, The Bandit Lord Alira, and The Bandit Lord Kraityn.

The player's task is to defeat Oak 's rivals, Alira and Kraityn. Take Alira's Amulet and Kraityn's Amulet to Oak and agree to share their power with him.

By combining the other two amulets with his own, Oak forms The Apex, which the player may take. This grants the player with a permanent bonus that differs depending on the current difficulty level.

Difficulty Bonus
Normal +40 to maximum Life
Cruel 16% increased Physical Damage
Merciless +1 maximum Endurance Charge