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The Ancient Pyramid

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The Ancient Pyramid
Act 2 Area
No Waypoint
Monster Level: 26 / 47 / 60
The Ancient Pyramid area screenshot.jpg
Two thousand years of regret.

The Ancient Pyramid is the final area in Act 2. This area does not have a waypoint and is connected to The Caverns and The City of Sarn.

This area is split into four separate levels with the Vaal Oversoul at the end. The first three levels continue the maze of rooms from the previous area, and since the player is climbing through a pyramid the levels get progressively smaller. The top level is named Pyramid Apex and is a large circular room with the Dark Altar in the center. The boss battle begins when a player with The Apex inventory icon.pngThe ApexThe ApexAcquisition
Level: 1
Though its power has been shared, there
is still more the Apex might unlock.
The Apex inventory icon.png
in their inventory activates the altar.




Corrupted areas

Forbidden Chamber has a chance to spawn.

Divination Card

The following divination card can drop in this area:

  • The InventorThe Inventor610× Vaal OrbJump right in,
    But beware
    Of things broken
    Or beyond compare.
    (Cruel and Merciless)

Version history

Version Changes
  • The Vaal Oversoul boss was added to this area.