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Tempest Shield
Active skill gem
Attribute(s)Intelligence, Strength
KeywordsLightning, Spell
Required Level10
Mana Reserved25%
Cooldown Time0.5 sec
Cast time1 sec
Critical Strike Chance6%
Per 1% Quality+0.75% increased Lightning damage
Enchants your shield with the power of storms, which lashes out to deal lightning damage to attackers when you block their attacks.
Deals x–y Lightning Damage
Additional 4% Shield Block Chance
Screenshot of Tempest Shield

Tempest Shield is a spell that empowers your shield to deal lightning damage to enemies when you block their attacks.

Skill Functions and Interactions

Damage on Blocking: This spell will damage the attacker whenever you successfully block any direct attack or spell (assuming you have passives or an item with x% of Block Chance applied to Spells to allow blocking of spells).

Necromantic Aegis does not cause Tempest Shield to be applied to Minions. The block chance will be lost and Tempest Shield can no longer deal damage because you are not using a shield.[1]

Switching weapon sets will deactivate Tempest Shield, even if that weapon set includes a shield.

Interactions with Buff/Aura Nodes

"x% increased effect of Auras you Cast" does not help in any way
"x% reduced Mana Reserved" reduces the amount of mana reserved by Tempest Shield
"x% increased Effect of Buffs on You" increases the block chance from 4% to 5% when you hit 25%

Gem level progression

Level Lvl. Str. Int. Lightning
1 10 N/A 18 9–13 9,569
2 13 15 22 11–17 18,908
3 16 18 26 13–20 33,871
4 19 21 30 16–24 56,446
5 22 24 34 19–29 89,302
6 25 26 38 23–34 135,415
7 28 29 42 27–40 283,759
8 32 33 47 32–49 453,996
9 36 37 53 39–59 703,128
10 40 40 58 47–70 1,061,223
11 44 44 63 56–84 1,570,760
12 47 47 67 64–96 2,286,879
13 50 49 71 72–108 3,289,072
14 53 52 75 82–123 3,351,223
15 56 55 79 92–138 9,935,033
16 59 58 83 104–156 21,343,930
17 62 60 87 117–175 50,689,250
18 64 62 90 126–189 90,043,412
19 66 64 92 136–204 147,026,187
20 68 66 95 147–220 N/A
21 68 66 95 158–237 N/A

Quest reward

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Block chance

Although Tempest Shield's block chance of 4% may seem small, it may mean the difference between having to travel to another cluster in the passive tree in order to reach the block cap. With all Increased Effect of Buffs on you nodes on the tree, namely the Inner Force cluster and Devotion, it is possible to increase the block chance bonus to 5%.


Tempest Shield's reflected damage is not viable as a primary damage skill, due to several factors:

  • The base damage is low---less than half that of Arc and without its inherent chaining ability.
  • Increased mana multipliers from supports will quickly raise the reservation cost to unsustainable levels.
  • Even with a high block chance and spell block, most enemies do not attack rapidly enough for Tempest Shield to deal a significant amount of damage. (Though there are a few that do, including Voidbearers, Tentacle Miscreations, and Plumed Chimerals---these can easily suicide themselves in seconds against a high-block Tempest Shield.)

However, the reflection does guarantee a hit with fair reliability compared to Cast when Damage Taken or Cast when Stunned. Possible ways to take advantage of this include:

  • Curse on Hit. Does not increase the reservation cost.
  • Power Charge On Critical. For this purpose, Tempest Shield benefits from an above-average base critical strike chance of 6%. It may take some leveling for this to be able to sustain power charges, however, as Power Charge On Critical is heavily dependent on both level and quality, more than doubling in charges gained from level 1 to level 20 and 20% quality. Spell critical strike chance will also be necessary to effectively bootstrap the charging process; Increased Critical Strikes can give a boost here.
  • Life Leech or Mana Leech. This a rather marginal option. At level 20 this will leech a base of 16.15 Life or 9.36 Mana per block, increased by damage modifiers. Mana Leech is likely the better of the two overall since it does not increase the reservation cost.
  • Blind. Another marginal option due to the low chance per hit to blind.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Fixed a bug where Tempest Shield could be activated with no reservation cost.
  • Fixed an instance crash that occurred with Tempest Shield.
  • Fixed a bug where applying microtransaction effects to items cause disable the effect of Tempest Shield.
  • Undocumented Change: Tempest Shield now stays active between area transitions.
  • Tempest shield can now generate more than one charge per skill use.
  • Tempest Shield now has a 0.5 second cooldown similar to auras,
    to prevent it being turned off by rapidly recasting it.
  • Tempest Shield can no longer move between areas with you. It was broken when it did so.
  • Tempest Shield's mana reservation now works properly.
  • Fixed a client crash with Tempest Shield.
  • Fixed various client crashes related to Tempest Shield.
  • Tempest Shield has been added to the game.


The symbol that appears on the character's shield when Tempest Shield is used is a Descry.


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