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Cloth Belt
Requires Level 37
(15 to 25)% increased Stun Recovery(30 to 40)% increased Trap Damage
20% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
+(20 to 30)% to Fire Resistance
80% reduced Trap Duration
25% increased Light Radius
Traps trigger at the end of their Duration
The sun's fury, trapped
in pillars of blazing light,
Explodes from its cage.

Sunblast is a unique Cloth BeltCloth BeltRequires Level 16
(15 to 25)% increased Stun Recovery

Sunblast was featured in Season 2 Episode 10 of the Build of the Week series released by Grinding Gear Games.


Sunblast affects how traps used by the character work, including skills supported by the Trap support gem.

The duration of traps is reduced by 80%. Since all traps have a base duration of 16 seconds as of Patch 2.0, this reduces the duration to 3.2 seconds if no other duration modifiers are in play. If the trap expires, it triggers its effect as though it was triggered by an enemy. If the trap is destroyed by damage, it does not trigger.

Traps will still trigger normally if an enemy enters within the trigger radius.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.