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A shrine

Shrines appear randomly and give significant buffs to nearby enemies or casts spells at nearby players. When a player touches a shrine, the shrine is consumed and the player gains the bonus for 45 seconds. The shrines are usually guarded by larger packs of mobs, and typically will have at least one Champion pack as well. The effects of multiple different shrines can stack. Shrine buffs will disappear if the player leaves the area.

List of Shrine Types

Buff shrines

Name Icon Effect
Acceleration Shrine
Death doesn't wait
Accerlation Shrine You have increased movement speed and your skills have increased projectile speed
Brutal Shrine
Hit hard, hit once
Brutal Shrine Your hits have knockback, increased damage and stun duration
Diamond Shrine
Deliver pain exquisite
Diamond Shrine You always get critical strikes (does not override Resolute Technique)
Divine Shrine
Become the nightmare
Divine Shrine Immune to all damage
Echoing Shrine
Let your rage flow freely
Echoing Shrine Your attacks repeat
Impenetrable Shrine
None shall stop you
Impenetrable Shrine You have increased armour, evasion and energy shield
Massive Shrine
Courage stands tall
Massive Shrine You have increased life, area of effect and size
Replenishing Shrine
Restore that which was lost
Replenishing Shrine Increases your life and mana regeneration (ES too?)
Resistance Shrine
Fear not the elements
Resistance Shrine You have increased resistance to elemental damage
Shrouded Shrine
Shroud your path in the fog of war
Shrouded Shrine Smoke screen surrounds you, blinding all mobs nearby

Spell shrines

These shrines cause "the player" to cast a spell at regular intervals. The caster is not actually the player, but an invisible, untargetable, invincible minion.

Name Icon Effect
Freezing Shrine
Turn your world to ice
Freezing Shrine Ice Nova with chilling ground
Lightning Shrine
Open the eye of the storm
Lightning Shrine Shock Nova with shocking ground
Skeletal Shrine
The past shall serve the present
Skeletal Shrine Summon Skeletons

Removed shrines

The following shrines have been removed from the game.

Name Icon Effect
Burning Shrine
The sky falls, the land burns
Burning Shrine Firestorm with burning ground
Hexing Shrine
Stay not your vile tongue
Hexing Shrine Your hits inflict random curses
Static Shrine
Reach out and touch hate
Static Shrine Arc