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The Exiled Shadow
A flicker of movement, a knife from the dark. By the time you've seen him, it's already too late. The Shadow kills silently, without hesitation, without mercy. He is versed in many weapons, but prefers ambush and subterfuge. Hundreds have met their deaths shrieking in his traps. The Shadow has come from the Guild of the Night in Oriath for one purpose: to inflict pain and suffering on anyone who's wronged him. Exile is merely an inconvenience.

The Shadow is Path of Exile's dexterity/intelligence hybrid class. He prefers to use fast-hitting weapons such as daggers or claws to dart in and out of battle, while laying traps or remote mines and controlling the flow of combat. He makes surgical use of offensive spells while dodging attacks, always outmaneuvering his opponents.

The Shadow is one of the more difficult classes to play due to his fragility, but he more than makes up for it if handled with skill. His hit-and-run style of combat makes the most of his natural evasion and energy shield, and rewards strategic coordination of attacks, spells, and traps.

The armors associated with the Shadow's dexterity and intelligence are Masks, Jackets/Coats/Raiments/Garbs, Mitts, Boots, and Spiked Shields.

Base stats

Stat Value
Intelligence 23
Dexterity 23
Strength 14
Life 57
Mana 52
Damage per second 3.7
Chance to hit 89%
Attacks per second* 1.2
Main hand total combined damage 2-5
Main hand physical damage 2-5
Main hand accuracy rating 46
Main hand critical strike damage multiplier* 150%
Endurance charges* 0/3
Physical damage reduction per endurance charge* 4%
Additional elemental reduction per endurance charge* 4%
Frenzy charges* 0/3
Attack speed increase per frenzy charge* 4%
Cast speed increase per frenzy charge* 4%
Damage modifier per frenzy charge* 4% more
Power charges* 0/3
Critical strike chance increase per power charge* 50%
Evasion rating 59
Chance to evade* 32%
Fire resistance* 0%
Cold resistance* 0%
Lightning resistance* 0%
Chaos resistance* 0%
Mana regen per second 0.9

* Same for all classes as of 2.1.1d

Ascendancy classes

Shadows can specialise into one of these three Ascendancy classes:

Assassin avatar.png
Saboteur avatar.png
Trickster avatar.png

Text and Speech

The Shadow is voiced by New Zealand actor, Elliot Yule.

Intro Speech

"A Simple job, I was told. Silence a big mouth. Get a big payout. And no one was going to be the wiser. Tidy. Except for one loose end. Me.

I would have kept my mouth shut. Professional integrity, it's called. Unfortunately not something my employers believed in.

They raised a toast to a job well done. I drank and next thing I know I'm on this stinking crate bound for exile. It's not a complete loss, I suppose. The way I hear it, there'll be plenty of work for a man of my talents in Wraeclast."

Character Dialogue

Washing up on the Twilight Strand: "Nothing like a brisk dip to start the day. Now where on God's earth am I?"

Achieving Level 2: “It’s nice not being dead yet!”

Achieving Level 3: “I’m impressed by how much this place wants me dead.”

Achieving Level 5: “With every death I live a little bit more.”

Achieving Level 10: “I’m so good at this, I scare myself.”

Achieving Level 15: "I'm a gardener clearing the weeds so the crops may grow."

Achieving Level 20: "No point looking back now. There's only death. And lots of it."

Achieving Level 30: "I'd question what I've become if I felt the need to. Which I don't."

Having killed Brutus: "Big? Just means more places to stick a blade."

Having killed Fairgraves: "I almost feel sorry for you Fairgraves. Dying twice ... can't be fun."

Having killed Merveil: "My first dance with a lady of quality. Pity she let herself go like that."

Having killed Alira: "Did the earth move for you baby? Probably, you hit the ground quite hard."

Having killed Oak: "Now that's what you get for bringing a stick to a knife fight."

Having killed Kraityn: "All that fancy sword swinging when all you need is one good stab."

Having killed Vaal Oversoul: "I like darkness as much as the next assassin, but that was over doing it."

Having killed General Gravicius: "If I'd killed you back in Oriath I'd be showered in gold. Where's the justice, eh?"

Having killed Piety: "I try not to take my work personally but you, Piety, are a satisfying exception."

Having killed Dominus: "It's funny, your grace. I always thought you'd be taller."

Having killed Voll: "I just killed an emperor. With a feather that size, I'm going to have to get a bigger cap."

Having killed Daresso: "Oh, can you sing one for me too, Merveil? Something upbeat, please."

Having killed Doedre: "Oh, do stop mumbling."

Having killed Maligaro: "I don't know much about art, but I know what I like."

Having killed Shavronne: "For someone so obsessed with looks, that wasn't a pretty death."

Having killed Malachai: "And that's where you missed the point, Malachai. Death is the only thing that gives life any meaning."

On the Coast: "The furnace down in the slaughter house. Yes, that's what this place smells like."

On the Lower Prison: "Theopolis's prison is a child's playhouse compared to this. They sure don't make them like they used to."

On the Ship Graveyard: "I'm usually the one making the ghosts. Someone's been busy."

On the Chamber of Sins: "I've seen some dark places in my line of work, but this is something else."

On releasing the Darkness: "This Shadow is starting to feel a little inadequate."

On Solaris Temple: "Not a speck of dust or a brick out of place. Someone's got too much time on their hands."

On the Aqueduct: "All this water and not a single working boat in sight. More walking and killing for me then."

On the Mines: "Swallowed by the darkness, and I seem to be causing it a little indigestion."

On the Mines Level 2: "Someone or something is keeping very busy in the bowels of this mountain."

On freeing Deshret's spirit: "It's always comforting to witness an honest, permanent death."

On the Crystal Caves: "I do hope these constipated bowels don't find their release while I'm still inside them."

On the Belly of the Beast: "An amazing creature, this Beast. Almost a shame to kill it."

On The Harvest: "I'm working with Piety. That sounds even stranger when I say it out loud."

Full inventory: "I need more pockets."

Using skills in town: "I don't think I need to be doing that right now."

On trying to drop a quest item: "I should save that for later."

Out of mana: "Low on mana."

Not enough Intelligence: "I'm not smart enough for that ... yet."

Not enough Dexterity: "A bit too fiddly, even for me."

Not enough Strength: "I'm not strong enough for that."

Unique NPC Dialogue

Nessa's Introduction: "I saw what you did to Hillock out there, Shadow. Your murderous art is the reason you're here, in exile... and it'll be the one thing that see's you through to another dawn. I'm Nessa, and I suppose I should thank you for ridding us of the putrid giant. Back in Oriath, I feared your kind, condemned you from afar. In Wraeclast I don't have that luxury."

Bestel's Introduction: "A sodden Shadow staggered from the surf and surveyed the somber strand. That's the first line in a poem I'm writing about you, exile. Easy, lad. You could poison a bloke with a look like that. The name's Bestel, captain of the good ship 'Merry Gull'. Alas, my Merry Gull is gone. My crew is gone. But my wits remain ... after a fashion."

Hargan's Introduction: "'You can't catch a shadow', that's what we honest businessmen were told, considering your services. But here you are. Dominus must have some right sticky hands. Well, since you're here, you might be of some use. We've lost two doe-eyed lovers, Clarissa and Tolman. Last I saw, they were headed out for the slums. And I know it's not really in your job description, but we'd like them alive, please."

General Gravicius to the Shadow: "You are not the only one who wields death as a weapon, boy!"

Dominus to the Shadow: "I've dealt with far darker shadows than you, exile."

Piety, the Abomination, in the Belly of the Beast: "Do you assassins offer a money back guarantee, Shadow?"

Piety, the Abomination, after being defeated: "Well done, assassin. Another satisfied customer."

Piety, after being restored:

"Stay those mortal instruments of yours, Shadow, I've no wish to test my longevity, nor my sanity, a third time.

When we shared our 'moment' back in the Lunaris, part of me wishes I'd died at your feet as intended. The little girl within me that shies from darkness, from greatness."

Malachai's introduction: "I've followed your performance, my anti-hero of hubris, and I've very much enjoyed it. Now you and I will create the most nightmarish of finales together. We're going to make your death really count for something."

Piety's last words: "This is what I get for trying to be a bloody hero. Just before you murdered me in Lunaris, Shadow, I thought you were about to steal my destiny from me. As it turns out, you gave me back my freedom. So go on, shadow boy, and do what you do best. Murder Malachai."

Replying to Piety: "Now there's a contract I'll most happily fulfill, Piety."