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Sapphire Ring

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Sapphire RingRequires Level 8+(20-30)% to Cold ResistanceSapphire Ring inventory icon.pngAcquisition
Level: 8

Sapphire Ring is a ring base type.

Vendor: 1 Scroll Fragment inventory icon.pngScroll FragmentsScroll FragmentStack Size: 5A stack of 5 fragments becomes a Scroll of Wisdom.
Shift click to unstack.
Scroll Fragment inventory icon.png

Unique versions

Dream Fragments inventory icon.pngDream FragmentsDream Fragments
Sapphire Ring
Requires Level 24+(20-30)% to Cold Resistance20% increased maximum Mana
50% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
Cannot be Chilled
Cannot be Frozen
+(30-40)% to Cold Resistance
Doryani stumbled into a realm of madness
And awoke its Master.
Dream Fragments inventory icon.png
Pyre inventory icon.pngPyrePyre
Sapphire Ring
Requires Level 11+(20-30)% to Cold Resistance+(25-35)% to Fire Resistance
(25-35)% increased Burning Damage
40% of Cold Damage Converted to Fire Damage
10% increased Light Radius
Ignited Enemies you hit are destroyed on Kill
Let winter come. It will only make my fire burn brighter.
Pyre inventory icon.png
Snakepit inventory icon.pngSnakepitSnakepit
Sapphire Ring
Requires Level 68+(20-30)% to Cold Resistance(20-40)% increased Cold Damage
(5-10)% increased Cast Speed
Spells have an additional Projectile
They wrap around you until your blood turns as cold as theirs.
Snakepit inventory icon.png
Tasalio's Sign inventory icon.pngTasalio's SignTasalio's Sign
Sapphire Ring
Requires Level 20+(20-30)% to Cold ResistanceAdds (7-10) to (15-20) Cold Damage to Spells and Attacks
+(200-300) to Evasion Rating
50% chance to Avoid being Chilled
10% chance to Freeze
Adds 40-60 Cold Damage against Chilled Enemies
A gift from Tasalio, God of Water,
to the chieftain Rakiata.
Kaom took Rakiata's head and hand
so that his warriors' axes might rise and fall like the waves.
Tasalio's Sign inventory icon.png

Alternate artwork

Sapphire RingSapphire RingRequires Level 8+(20-30)% to Cold ResistanceSapphire Ring race season 10 inventory icon.pngSapphire Ring race season 10 inventory icon.png Race season 10 prize for reaching 40 RP.
Sapphire RingSapphire RingRequires Level 8+(20-30)% to Cold ResistanceSapphire Ring winterheart inventory icon.pngSapphire Ring winterheart inventory icon.png Winterheart race season prize for reaching 40 RP.

Version history

Version Changes
  • The required and drop level of resistance and item find rings has changed from level 12. Sapphire Rings appear from level 8, Topaz Rings from level 12, Ruby Rings from level 16 and Gold Rings from level 20.