Rathpith Globe

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Rathpith Globe
Titanium Spirit Shield
Chance to Block: 25%
Energy Shield: (184 to 218)
Requires Level 68, 159 Int(40 to 60)% of Block Chance applied to Spells
(40 to 60)% increased Spell Damage
10% increased maximum Life
(120 to 160)% increased Energy Shield
+25% to Lightning Resistance
The Vaal emptied their slaves of beating hearts, and left a mountain of twitching dead.
Rathpith Globe.png

Rathpith Globe is a unique Titanium Spirit ShieldTitanium Spirit ShieldChance to Block: 25%
Energy Shield: 84
Requires Level 68, 159 Int

Rathpith Globe is a Map-only unique item that requires 74 itemlevel to spawn (via drop).[1]

Rathpith Globe was featured in Season 2 Episode 5 of the Build of the Week series released by Grinding Gear Games.


Version history

Version Changes
  • Block Chance has been reduced from 30% to 25%.
  • Introduced to the game.


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