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Rathpith Globe

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Rathpith Globe
Titanium Spirit Shield
Chance to Block: 25%
Energy Shield: (184 to 218)
Requires Level 68, 159 Int
(40 to 60)% of Block Chance applied to Spells
(40 to 60)% increased Spell Damage
10% increased maximum Life
(120 to 160)% increased Energy Shield
+25% to Lightning Resistance
The Vaal emptied their slaves of beating hearts, and left a mountain of twitching dead.
Rathpith Globe.png

Rathpith Globe is a unique Titanium Spirit Shield inventory icon.pngTitanium Spirit ShieldTitanium Spirit ShieldBlock: 25%
Energy Shield: 84
Drop Level: 68
Requires Level 68, 159 Int
3% reduced Movement Speed (Hidden)
Titanium Spirit Shield inventory icon.png

Rathpith Globe is a Map-only unique item that requires 74 itemlevel to spawn (via drop).[1]

Rathpith Globe was featured in Season 2 Episode 5 of the Build of the Week series released by Grinding Gear Games.

Vendor: 8Alteration ShardAlteration ShardStack Size: 20A stack of 20 shards becomes an Orb of Alteration.
Shift click to unstack.
and 12Alchemy ShardsAlchemy ShardStack Size: 20A stack of 20 shards becomes an Orb of Alchemy.
Shift click to unstack.

Alternate artwork

Rathpith Globe 2.png Emberwake Race Season prize for reaching 500 RP.


Version history

Version Changes
  • Block Chance has been reduced from 30% to 25%.
  • Added 3D art.
  • Introduced to the game.


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