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The story of Path of Exile progresses through a series of quests, currently spanning three acts. In order to progress to higher difficulties, the main quest line in each difficulty must be completed. There are also optional side quests. Most quests give a quest reward after completion.

Act I

Quests border.jpg Enemy at the Gate Mercy Mission (Optional) Breaking Some Eggs A Dirty Job (Optional) The Dweller of the Deep (Optional) The Caged Brute The Marooned Mariner (Optional) The Siren's Cadence The Way Forward Quests border2.jpg

Act II

Quests border3.jpg Quests Hand.jpg Quests Helena.jpg Quests Beast.jpg Quests Spike.jpg Quests Roots.jpg Quests Bandits.jpg Quests Vaal.jpg Quests border4.jpg


Quests border.jpg Lost in Love Victario's Secrets Sever the Right Hand Fiery Dust The Gemling Queen The Ribbon Spool A Swig of Hope A Fixture of Fate Piety's Pets Sceptre of Gods Quests border2.jpg