Portal Scroll

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Portal ScrollStack Size: 40Creates a portal to townRight click on this item to use it.
Shift click to unstack.
Portal Scroll.png

A Portal Scroll is a common currency item that instantly creates a portal when used. The skill gem Portal is the spell version. This item cannot be used while in a Forsaken master's mission area.


Like most currency items, Portal Scrolls can be dropped by slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers (barrels, crates, pots, urns). A Portal Scroll can also be obtained by selling 3 Scrolls of Wisdom to Nessa.

Divination Card

  • A set of 5 Emperor's LuckEmperor's Luck5CurrencyThe house always wins.1 can be exchanged for five Portal Scrolls.

1Not guaranteed (set grants 5 of any random currency)


Carrying Portal Scrolls is usually recommended unless a player is using the Portal skill gem. Players may also use Portal Scrolls to go in and out of town, to immediately refill flasks and heal to full while in the middle of combat. However, this strategy has limited value in a map since the number of portal trips is limited to six.

Because Portal Scrolls are quite common, it is typical for players to use Portal Scrolls more slowly than the rate at which they drop.

One can buy an Orb of Transmutation from Nessa in exchange for 7 Portal Scrolls.