Most 2.6.0 are still not reflected in unique item's version history or legacy variants. Please help out if you can!

Unique weapons and armours are now shown with quality 20 by default; this will be reflected in their value calculations and in item lists.

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Issues on this wiki that are known to the admins/sysops and possible solutions on how to fix it. Consider the talk page if you want something added.

Templates/module issues specific to this wiki


Items not showing up in queries, lists, item tables and other places

Can occur due to:

  1. caching issues
  2. invalid queries
  3. template errors
Fixing item caching issues

Please see Path of Exile Wiki:Known issues#Fixing caching issues - changes (if needed) should be applied to the item's main page and the page(s) not showing the items.

Fixing invalid queries

The general process here is to check whether your query uses the correct conditions.

Some tips:

  • If the query is performed by the template you're using and not by yourself, make sure to check the template's documentation first
  • If an item isn't included in the query, but you think it should be check the item's page and the properties on the page. Adjust your query if needed or check for caching issues
  • Adjust the query terms to be more broader or more precise
  • If hitting query limits, consider creating a concept or simplifying the query
  • You can also query for queries on a page to troubleshoot/identify the problem
Fixing template errors

Template errors will prevent the templates from performing correctly. In some cases there are shown on purpose to avoid people using invalid data, but may also be caused by errors in the template itself.

If you can't fix the error right away, check the documentation of the template.

If the error appears in the code of the template itself and if you're unable to fix it , please create a new section on the template talk page and/or notify the template authors/wiki admins on their user pages.


Page is not added to transcluded categories from pages with <includeonly>

The symptom is generally that the page shows the category correctly at the bottom, but is not actually added to it.


  • null-edit the page the category is transcluded to

Fixing caching issues

Prior to attempt to fix caching issues, please note there are multiple caches deployed:

  • Cache of your browser (i.e. client-side)
  • Intermediate cache from cloudflare
  • Cache used by the mediawiki software and addons

Client-side cache issues should require no action on the wiki. Consider clearing your browser's cache or using a different browser to verify it's not client-side.

Issues with the cloud flare will fix themselves eventually; if you preview a page you will get the current version. If you perform a null edit and you still see a version different from the version you just saved, don't worry about it - you're seeing a cached version which will be eventually updated to the saved version. Please note that if you have a gamepedia PRO subscription you'll see the live version of pages instead, bypassing the cloud flare cache.

Mediawiki and addon related caching issues can be generally resolved by null edit the affected pages. Please note you may need to null edit other pages if you're transcluding content from other pages or are fetching semantic values (from Semantic MediaWiki). If the edits are still not being applied, consider doing a dummy edit.


Scributo (Modules/Lua)

mw.text.split is very slow


  • If possible use string.split instead

Semantic Mediawiki

Query depth

There is a limit on how large and complex SMW queries can be; you can use format=debug to get an idea what is happening with the query.

Some ways to solve this problem:

  • reduce the number of conditions in the query
  • reduce the number of subqueries (i.e. <q></q>
  • summarize common conditions into a concept
  • use a lua module for further iteration purposes

Redirect pages may cause issues with properties

Can occur due to:

  • moving pages (with properties) and leaving a redirect
  • editing redirect pages
  • deleting pages that contain redirects

Solution (steps):

  1. validate the properties on the real page are set as they should
    1. if missing or incorrect properties are present, null-edit the page
    2. if this is still the case, do a minor edit on the page such as adding a space

Text search not working properly

Causes and solutions

  1. Text after 72nd character is not searched
    • Try limiting your search to the first portion of the text
    • Use other means of searching (i.e. other properties)
    • When working on template make sure the characters intended for search are not too long
  2. Text may include HTML/wikitext
    • In case of wiki links screwing search up consider searching for words only, e.x. ~Life*Leech

Properties or values were changed in a template but they don't show up in the properties

Such changes generally take a while (up to several hours) to go though, esp. on templates that are used in many places.


  • Just wait it out (preferred)
  • perform null-edits (edit with no changes) on all pages using the template