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Featured: Ascendancy classes

Ascendancy classes are subclasses introduced with the Ascendancy expansion.

Ascendancy classes are accessed by completing a new quest, The Lord's Labyrinth.

There are 3 subclasses for each original class, and one for scion, for a total of 19 new classes.

Each new class has its own Ascendancy skill tree with new powerful abilities.


Equipment is crucial to an exile's survival and combat effectiveness.






Magic and rare items have random affixes that determine their modifiers.

Unique items have a fixed list of modifiers and distinct names and artwork.


Currency items serve various functions, most notably in crafting or enhancing equipment, gems, jewels, maps and strongboxes.

Masters offer special crafting stations for the player's hideout.


Vendors barter their items in exchange for currency.

Selling items to a vendor utilizes the vendor recipe system to determine which items he will offer in return.

Sets of divination cards can be exchanged for certain items.


The seven character classes are distinguished by:

The world of Wraeclast

Convicts from Theopolis are exiled to the forsaken continent of Wraeclast.

Questing is divided into four acts:

Act 1, The Shore
Act 2, The Forest
Act 3, The City of Sarn
Act 4, Highgate

After completing Act 4, continue from Act 1 on the next difficulty level.

• Explore maps
• Venture into corrupted areas
• Build a hideout
• Complete missions for masters


Leagues have their own economies and character ladders.

Challenge leagues run for a limited time. Characters who die in hardcore leagues are moved to Standard league.

Races and tournaments are scheduled events in which players compete for prizes.