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Invasion Bosses are unique monsters, introduced in Sacrifice of the Vaal for corrupted areas and the Invasion league. After Invasion ended they were not implemented into the core game, but are still accessible within maps through Zana's map device.

Note that invasion bosses have more difficult skills and modifiers at higher monster levels. This page attempts to list all of the bosses' possible attributes.

Invaders from corrupted areas

Atziri's Pride


Beheader Ataguchu

Atziri's Demon

Cava, Artist of Pain

Whipping Miscreation

Ch'aska, Maker of Rain

Atziri's Demon (Support monsters: Tentacle Miscreation)

Cintiq, the Inescapable

Corrupted Arach (Support monsters: Corrupted Arach)

Coniraya, Shadow of Malice

Spectral Bowman (Support monsters: Spectral Corsair)

Curator Miem

Undying Incinerator

  • Casts Firestorm that follows the target (similar to Burning Shrine)
  • Throws Fire Bombs
  • Resists Elemental Damage
  • Resists Chaos

Haviri, Vaal Metalsmith

Vaal Fallen

Inti of the Blood Moon

Gluttonous Gull (Support monsters: Avian Retch)

  • Soul Eater
  • Quick
  • Summons "Vassal of Inti" (small Avian Retch)
  • Resists Elemental Damage
  • Resists Chaos

Kamaq, Soilmaker

Devourer (Support monsters: Devourer)

  • Casts Ball Lightning
  • Random Curse on hit
  • Fast Attacks
  • Far Shot
  • Resists Elemental Damage
  • Resists Chaos

Konu, Maker of Wind


Kutec, Vaal Fleshsmith

Vaal Fallen

M'gaska, the Living Pyre


Mother of the Hive

Gravel Eater

  • Uses sweeping projectile barrage
  • Quick
  • Other Allies cannot die
  • Summons Gravel Eaters
  • Resists Elemental Damage
  • Resists Chaos

Ossecati, Boneshaper

Colossal Bonestalker (Support monsters: Ancient Bonestalker, Colossal Bonestalker)

Perquil the Lucky


Rima, Deep Temptress

Merveil's Daughter

Shadow of Vengeance

Animate Guardian

Sheaq, Maker of Floods

Goatman Shaman


Vaal Construct

  • Casts Poison Bomb version of Vaal Fireball
  • Casts 'multicast' bolts
  • Quick
  • Far Shot
  • Resists Elemental Damage
  • Resists Chaos

Simi, the Nature Touched

Ape Chieftain

  • Soul Eater
  • Summons "Aspect of Simi" (Blood Ape spectre)
  • Allies deal additional cold damage
  • Allies deal additional fire damage
  • Allies deal additional lightning damage
  • Resists Elemental Damage
  • Resists Chaos

The All-seeing Eye

Soulless Watcher

The Sunburst Queen

Carrion Queen


Spine Serpent (Support monsters: Spine Serpent)

  • Proximity Shield
  • Uses a version of Firestorm with spike projectiles
  • Quick
  • Fast Attacks
  • Extra Projectiles
  • Chaos Damage
  • Resists Elemental Damage
  • Resists Chaos

Wiraq, the Impaler

Atziri's Demon (Support monsters: Burned Miscreation)

Wiraqucha, Ancient Guardian

Serpentine Construct (Support monsters: Serpentine Construct)

Invaders exclusive to the Invasion league

Alpha Paradisae

Plumed Chimeral (Support monsters: Plumed Chimeral)

Balus Stoneskull

Callow Thug (Support monsters: Callow Thug, Highwayman)

Bladeback Guardian

Porcupine Goliath (Support monsters: Porcupine Goliath)

  • Casts 'Incinerate Nova'
  • Casts Ice Spear
  • Casts Lightning Nova
  • Ice spears on death
  • Reflects Physical Damage
  • Reflects Elemental Damage
  • Resists Elemental Damage
  • Resists Chaos Damage


Flame Hellion (Support monsters: Flame Hellion)

Blood Morpher

Blood Ape

Blood Stasis

Blood Ape



Corrector Draconides

Blackguard Captain (Support monsters: Blackguard Elite)

Docere Incarnatis

Mortality Experimenter (Support monsters: Blackguard Elite, Piety's Miscreation)


Ashen Buccaneer (Support monsters: Ashen Buccaneer)

Evocata Apocalyptica

Blackguard Mage (Support monsters: Blackguard Elite)

Genesis Paradisae

Croaking Chimeral


Skeleton (Support monsters: Frost Champion)


Ruined Titan (Support monsters: Ruined Titan)


Colossal Bonestalker



Guardian of the Mound

Goatman Shaman (Support monsters: Goatman)

Harbinger of Elements

Skeleton Mage (Support monsters: Bone Warden, Flame Guardian, Frost Guardian)

  • Casts fire/cold/lightning projectiles
  • Powerful Crits
  • Allies Move and Attack Faster
  • Resists Elemental Damage



Judgement Apparatus

Ancient Construct (Support monsters: Ancient Construct)


Ape Chieftain

Kall Foxfly

Bandit Archer


Skeletal Beast (Support monsters: Skeletal Beast)

  • Increased Life
  • Life Regen
  • Other allies cannot die
  • Resist Elemental Damage
  • Resist Chaos

Mother of the Swarm

Carrion Queen




Brooding Tarantula (Support monsters: Mutant Arach)




Cave Crustacean (Support monsters: Cave Crustacean)

  • Casts Frost Wall
  • Casts Ice Nova
  • Casts Vaal Detonate Dead on Low Life in the second form
  • Extra Cold Damage
  • Armoured
  • Enemies are Slowed
  • Summons Spitters (in the first form)
  • Resists Elemental Damage
  • Resists Chaos


Murk Fiend

  • Uses Leap Slam with Multistrike that leaves poison clouds
  • Casts Temporal Chains
  • Quick
  • Evasive
  • Powerful crits
  • Deals chaos damage over time
  • Resists Elemental Damage
  • Resists Chaos


Drifting Eye


Bramble Cobra (Support monsters: Bramble Cobra)

  • Uses Puncture
  • Casts Frost Wall
  • Throws Poison Bombs
  • Allies have Energy Shield
  • Resists Fire
  • Resists Chaos

The Bolt Juggler

Undying Aristocrat (Support monsters: Undying Aristocrat, Undying Archivist)

The Book Burner


The Duchess

Merveil's Daughter

The Firestarter

Undying Incinerator

The Raging Mask

Flame Sentinel (Support monsters: Assault Ribbon)

The Revenant

Voidbearer (Support monsters: Voidbearer)


Undying Grappler (Support monsters: Undying Untouchable, Undying Grappler)