Necromantic Aegis

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Necromantic Aegis
Keystone Passive Skill
Necromantic Aegis passive icon.png
  • All bonuses from an equipped Shield apply to your Minions instead of you
I give you everything, my pets. My trust, my strength, my safety. Do not disappoint me.

Necromantic Aegis is a keystone passive skill that removes all bonuses provided by modifiers on equipped shields from the character and imparts those bonuses onto minions instead.


The character will no longer benefit from any modifiers on equipped shields including implicit modifiers such as armour rating and chance to block.

Passive skills that increase shield stats—for example, Shield Block and Energy Shield on Shield—will have no effect. Passive skills that provide a bonus while holding a shield, such as the elemental resistances granted by Block Chance and Elemental Resistance with Shields, will still benefit the character.[1]

Increased Rarity of Items found and Icreased Quantity of Items found modifiers can only benefit the character. These bonuses will be rendered useless when transferred to minions.[2]

Bonuses not from modifiers on the equipped shield are not removed from the character and transferred to minions. Skill gems socketed in equipped shields will still be usable. The buff from Tempest Shield will still benefit the character.


Necromantic Aegis is located in the centre of the tree, to the right of the Scion's starting area. It is a gateway to a cluster of 3 Minion Block nodes including the notable Decay Ward.

Class Distance from start
Scion 7
Shadow 11
Witch 11
Ranger 13
Templar 15
Duelist 17
Marauder 19


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